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Coming off meds


I have been taking citalopram since 2012. With my doctors guidance and approval, I am going to begin to slowly reduce and stop these tablets. 

Although I do still have the occasional low mood I'm feeling so much happier. Thankfully my crippling anxiety has diminished too.

Do you know of any natural supplements  that I can take that will help me come off the citalopram and will help my mood ?

Thank you

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Hi how about St Johns Wort?  That is herbal medicine which is supposed to help with mild depression though I have never tried it myself.

Or Rescue Remedy which you can buy from the chemists.  A friend of mine used it and said it did help her mood.  Good luck.  x

Oh if you are taking any other meds you need to check with your doctor first as they can interfere with them. 


I would read Jim Phelps PsychEducation site on taking fish oil. I've been taking it for about 9 months (along with my usual medications) and have felt very good.

It might not be due to the fish oil , but it has other benefits too, and is cheap but you do need a high concentration. Myprotein sells the strongest one I could find in the UK.

In a recent swimming race I was very close behind two seals, and a trip to Rio as an unexpected competitor would be a bonus side effect. So far I have n't been able to balance a spinning ball on my nose though.



No, I don't know any apart from fish oils or vit B complex. I came off citalopram  with zero side effects; reduced it slowly though as never go cold turkey. Best of luck , gemma 


Cuddlybarb i just posted a link for a movie about health/well-being that has info you might find useful Google "That Vitamin Movie" or look at my other post --- also Andrew Saul (who's in the movie...) has written a book called "The Vitamin Cure for Depression: How to Prevent and Treat Depression Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation" < simply put he believes in "mega-dosing" vitamins., which kinda sounds weird., till you hear what he has to say about the medical profession and the pharmaceutical industries! Anyhoo book might be worth reading ✌🏻️


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