Hi guys. So, I was supposed to go back to work on Monday after having 12 weeks off but after speaking to occupational health that won't be happening. I got told in a previous meeting with work that they were the ones to sort it all out to get me back to work. That's not the case. They were just making sure I'm OK and that I'm going to therapy. My HR team have to contact me now to put all this in place now for me to return so I could be off for another few weeks which I financially can't afford.

I'm having to sell my stuff just to get by and even then it's rubbish. Pride is getting in the way of accepting help from family and friends. 

I'm worried that, if it takes too long I won't be able to afford payments on the house or my debts (phone bill etc). 

Why am I being punished for being bullied at work? That's what it feels like. Everyone else is fine and dandy and I'm in this crap spot!!!!

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  • Hi are you getting statutory sick pay?  If not are you getting ESA?  Whichever one you are on you should be able to get help with the interest on your mortgage as I think this kicks in after 12/13 weeks.  You might also qualify for a council tax rebate too. 

    For benefits you may be entitled to look at x

  • Yeah SSP started after 8 weeks. What's ESA?x

  • Employment support allowance, its a benefit you will be entitled to from what ive read x

  • Hiya, just been on the site and filled all the forms and everything out and I'm not eligible for it x

  • Oh my, im sorry, well i really hope something is sorted for you and fast hun x

  • ESA is sickness benefit.  To claim this you would need a sick note from the doctors.   Normally you wouldn't get SSP and ESA together but there are expections.  You would usually only get the higher of the 2 benefits which is SSP.   

    Sometimes whilst you might not get any extra money you can still have an underlying entitlement to a benefit which opens up a raft of other benefits one of which might be payment of  interest only on your mortgage.  Not sure now as things have changed a lot since I worked for the DWP.   Ring up your local Jobcentre.  

    I will find the link for you for the Govt. site.  x

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