Afternoon folks. I've been off work now for 10 weeks with depression. I know my medication is slowly working as I'm beginning to feel relatively okay in a sense. Anyway, I had a meeting on Thursday with my team leader and a person from my works HR. I had to tell them about everything what has happened on my time off etc. 

Just to give you some back ground, I've been bullied in work for about a year and a half. After reporting it to 2 separate team leaders, nothing was done until I obviously had a meltdown in work and getting sent home. Only just recently since i've been off someone's just listening to me. Abit too late in my opinion. 

Anyway, I've agreed to go back to work in a different team on a staggered return on the 18th. I have a meeting on the 13th to put all this in place and sort it out for when I go back. I was crying my eyes out in the car on my way home. I'm having to leave the job that I love because of 5 ignorant, close minded bullies. 

I'm terrified about going back to work. I don't want to but I need to because I can't be off any longer due to financial reasons. Oh, they have also over paid me on this month's wage and are taking it off my SSP wage next month meaning, I don't have enough to cover my Direct Debits or get to work. So, this is going to be interesting. 

You can imagine how stressed out and how crap I feel right now due to all of this. 

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  • Hi I emphasise as I have been in the same situation as you.   Are they going to put into place any 'reasonable adjustments' to help you cope.  These could be things like extra breaks,  or extra sick leave because of your illness,  flexi time or part hours etc.

    They should also be doing a phased return to work  (might be paid full time) so you can ease yourself in gently.

    You can also take out a grievance against the bully (ies).   You would need to have kept details of what happened,  when and how it made you feel.  

    Lastly are you in a union?  If so enlist the help of the rep.  Good luck.  x

  • Yeah I have a meeting on the 13th to go through everything that I want when returning including a phased return.

    It wouldn't work with the grievance because one of them is quite high up. It would be alot better for me to just leave that team and go into a new one which is what I'm doing.

    I don't think I am. I'm only 19 so all of this is new to me x

  • Hi I understand why you are joining a new team,  but a grievance is just that,  a grievance.  It doesn't matter how high up the person is you still have your rights to do that if you want.

    If nothing else it would stop them doing the same to someone else.  x

  • Hi everyone has different things in your contract for pay etc.but they have by law a duty of care to you especially if you are disabled under the mental health act depression and other things.they have to help you back to work phased at first ring citizens advice or ask for a free first visit to a solicitor.lots of people are ignorant to what your going through.i had 8 months off with depression if they don't make reasonable adjustments they are breaking the law.hope you well and don't just roll over for them 

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