Today is the day!

Afternoon guys, it's been a while since I posted. I've been off work sick for 8 weeks now battling my depression and anxiety. Today is the day that I will be telling my doctor that for the past 6-7 years I've been hearing voices. A huge step for me as I've only just told my partner and my close friends due to being too scared of losing everyone. Wish me luck.

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  • I wish you luck and love... picturing you surrounded by a white healing light... I am proud of you for your decision to tell the dr about this. Just remember... you are hardly the ONLY one to have ever gone through this... and by that I mean that you, too, can and will be helped. You'll see! :)

    Just take good care of yourself. Sending you a big hug.


  • Hi, I am new to this site but found it through your post. I'm very inspired by your decision, courage and self-awareness and self-care to tell your doctor and also to take the time you need off work.

    All the best.


  • Good luck! So glad you have decided to disclose to your doc. If the voices bother you there are ways you can learn to turn them off, at least while you are occupied with real-world things.

  • Good luck! I'm proud of you. You are very courageous!

  • I've had the same thing and last year I told my parents and a few of my close friends and eventually my doctor. I was blown away by how accepting they were and by the fact that my doctor didn't simply label me - I'm sure your meeting will go great :)

  • Thank you guys so much. :) it was a massive step for me but the right one. Much love and I'll keep you all updated x

  • I hope you are doing well. It is very hard to disclose something that scares us. Actually this was probably the piece of information that was missing for your doctor to correct the treatment for your depression. I wish that the medication can help you feel better soon.

  • Good luck. Don't worry hearing voices is much more common than people think.

    Have you looked at this site for practical ways of coping

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