Migraines and muscle stiffness

I have been very stressed lately. I can't feel my heartbeat but my heart does beat. It's a very weird feeling. And today I have a terrible headache at the temples and the front of my head and eyes. I also feel slightly nauseous. Can any one tell what will Help? Any home remedies?

I also have muscle stiffness at my neck and my shoulders. I also feel it in my chest today. I thought the cold was making my muscles stiff but they were stiff before too. Can anyone tell some muscle relaxing techniques?

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2 Replies

  • Try exercise to relax your shoulders and neck. Do them regularly throughout the day and keep checking to make sure your shoulders aren't hunched or pulled forward. Pulled back ( just a bit no soldiers here) and down.

    It sounds as is stress is giving you tightness in that area which could be causing the headache. I can't really describe exercise to do but the internet is a wonderful thing.

    I do neck shoulder , arm and hand exercises every day to receive tension and improve posture as mine is terrible. I'm in pain all the time with my back and have developed bad habits to hunch my body away from the pain.....giving me more pain !

    Good luck


  • There is most likely nothing serious wrong but if I were you, I see my doctor for peace of mind. When you are given the all clear physically, that should go a long way to relieving your stress and its symptoms. Please let us know how it goes. xx.

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