So sorry to repeat the same everyday

I'm so sorry to write the same thing every morning and I know I have wonderful feed back, but when I wake up every morning like this I dont no what else to do ( I'm so frightened ) is to tell you so I'm not alone, I have done things you have told me like " I am happy " "Iam ok" but I can't stop the awful TERRIFING feeling, I wish to god I could just stop waking and having these mornings, please anybody had them and put a stop to them please please let me know how, I wish i had someone who's been though it with me now, to understand the fear I M SO VERY SORRY TO REPAET THE SAME THING EVERYDAY


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4 Replies

  • Hi Sandraan, please don't apologise for repeating yourself, i honestly do know how you feel and want to help. Do you have trouble sleeping? You have to stop these terrifying feelings other wise they will damage your mental health even further. Do you have access to a laptop or computer? let me know as i have some great youtube videos you can watch on depression and anxiety that enable you to understand the need to heal your mind and live a better life. hugs x

  • Hi Sandrann you don't have to tell yourself it's ok or try and be happy. What you are trying to do is just survive. It's ok to be scared but it's how you deal with it that makes all the difference. Do what I said on my previous replies to you - consciously stop yourself thinking further than the next minute. It's not going to happen overnight but keep doing it and it will get easier I promise. Bev x

  • hi Sandra good afternoon may i say that your never on you own your friends are here every day just like you and we are here for you every day, i don't care whether you keep repeating yourself you are you and that how you feel every day nothing can change that only the fact that we are here for you and you know i'm here for you, i was listening to a song yesterday by the Remones the songs was called BABY I LOVE YOU and that's how we feel towards you every day take care your friend Alan xx

  • Hello Angel

    I read somewhere that your ego is always trying to kill you. You mind is infinitely powerful and intelligent, way more intelligent that anything a computer could produce.

    We need to find out 'what' you are frightened of and then maybe find ways round it. For example I have bad memories of my early life and so dont have photos of family an friends up. I might avoid certain things that trigger bad thoughts or try and catch myself going down a dark road and change the subject.

    But what are we talking about here Sandra, we dont need details but in general something so we can try and help you. Im going to make some assumptions its all I can do. You are resourceful enough to have created a roof over your head, you have running water (not to be taken for granted), access to food and maybe a library?

    Im not saying you shouldnt feel dread but often if we look deeply at fear it can be broken down into manageable chunks and seen for what it is an illusion. You have your arms and legs, can see, hear and move about generally with ease, you are intelligent and able to learn and change.

    My first suggestion would be stop looking to the future and try and ignore the past, know that what you feel now wont last forever, mainly because no one could sustain that level of fear.

    Now you need to move slow, be kind to yourself and resolve to achieve NOTHING. You can afford one week, one week to work on yourself and decide you will do nothing other than try and find something that makes you feel better for a while, listen to the radio, a play, watch a film, if you can bare it go for a short walk. All we are trying to do it free your mind so it isnt working in a loop and driving you crazy.

    LET YOURSELF OFF. Who cares what others are doing, this is your life, you deserve it and you are allowed to do nothing other than seek some peace, as you practice seeking peace even contentment, it will get easier. Im not trying to cure your depression just ease your pain a little for now. You have all the time in the world, move slowly now and when you are well you will make up for lost time ...its all okay.

    You are safe, you will be safe and your worries are your mind running riot, you can make this work for you if you move slowly, slowly. I have been ill all day I suffer from migraines, so I have achieved nothing, so you can borrow my migraine as your excuse.

    One last thing an then I will shut up. In your life you have been happy, you have known happiness and sure as eggs is eggs you will again, its the cycle of life, but if you dont mind me saying you need to inch forward to feeling better. You can do this I have no doubt in my mind and you deserve to be happy, it will come but for now you need to be Sandras best friend and give in to all her demands, be that any indulgement you choose. Then as you get stronger maybe look into something you love a hobby or maybe even find out a little about the brain and why it does what it does to help you. Im a huge fan of libraries its like Christmas every day.

    Dont give up Sandra...dont EVER EVER give up, its okay to be you, its okay that you are alive and its okay if you never ever do more than that. We cannot survive as a race of human beings without you. You are a very special person and the world is better for having you in it, please dont forget that. We as a race are nothing without each other.

    My warmest regards and lots of Love HUGS and KISSES....kkkkkeeeeep going can do this I have every faith in you XX

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