Right so as on my page I said about having a brother that has bipolar I'm now 19 and didn't go uni because of the stress of finishing my A levels. I started a job and quit in 3 days. I can't handle any situation which involves being around people who I belive to be (immature, or not on my level) I seem to have noticed increased paranoia and constant anxiety. It's getting increasingly worse as I'm getting older. It's not only that I've suffered with extreme tiredness for the past 2 years sort of learnt to live with it and then when I started work I seen how bad it is actually getting. With that it means I have 0 lack of concentration. I've been to doctors and they've done blood tests and they've all come back clear. 4 times I've had that done and it's all come back normal. It's driving me insane!! I feel like I can't do anything without the worry of being very tired. I've missed out on the opportunity of university because of this I don't want it ruining the rest of my life... any ideas on what I can actually do with myself? It would be much appreciated.


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  • Missing Uni could be a blessing and might save you long term debts and enable you to find something else, maybe something you have never considered yet , but that might leave you happier ,and maybe even richer. There's a lot of luck in life and maybe you will turn out to have been lucky.

    It might well be that exam stress (not unusual ) ,and subconscious worries about your brother, plus worries about missing Uni have got you into a vicious circle of worries . This could certainly cause anxiety , lack of concentration and maybe tiredness and paranoia , depending how deep these worries go.

    Please stop worrying (difficult I know) , share your worries with a parent ,or close friend if you feel you can. I agree that its important not to ruin your life ,but this is very unlikely.,and the less you worry the less likely it is.

    Could you write to your doctor explaining all your worries and problems . A letter is good in that you can take time to get it right and include all your concerns and a letter will give your GP the information more lucidly than possible in a 10 minute appointment. It will also save him/her time and you can then follow that up with an appointment when they will be in a better position to help. It will I think pay to be completely open and honest in the letter.

    For now the main thing is to worry as little as possible. Many of us on this site have faced similar problems and have gone on to lead productive lives ,even if not happy 100% of the time. My daughter had very similar problems around your age and is now quite a happy and successful 40+.

    I do hope all starts going well for you and if you can't stop worrying a bit we will always be here for you.

    Best of luck,


  • Can't add much to other reply but just sending hugs. Regards Lorna.

  • A ps from olderal.

    Additional thoughts . If you do decide to write to your doctor you could start perhaps along the lines "Dear doctor, I am a little disappointed in some ways that so far the blood tests have revealed no physical cause of my symptoms. I thought it might help therefore if I clearly explained what exactly my worries about health are. I thought I could explain this more lucidly and clearly in a letter,which might save some time in an appointment" and then carry on from there which I'm sure you can do. You might find just writing out your thoughts is therapeutic.

    I also think you have to try and overcome situations around people you find immature etc. The human race is an incredible mix of the clever,stupid,crude,refined etc etc and you will meet them all in the course of life. You might find that some of the people you dislike most at first will give you more help and eventually be better company in the long run and vice versa. Give them all a fair chance.

    While getting back to 100% it might also help as a temporary thing only, to get a voluntary or temporary job for a few weeks , which is low stress and will take you out of yourself and help stop your worries.


  • Have the blood tests you had done included B12? If so ask for a copy of the results - serum B12 is a difficult test to interpret and frequently doctors take normal range as meaning there isn't a problem when actually there can be a problem in the lower range.

    This is a link to symptoms of b12 deficiency


    just in case anything else rings a bell.

    If it does then I'd recommend that you join the PAS forum on health unlocked and post your results there.

  • Thank you for the replies everybody I'm going to try everything you have suggested!!