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Changes in the weather = changes in my mood

Hi everyone, I posted a couple of months ago and wanted to share an update. Like a lot of posts I read, a lot of us just feel like there's no point in life sometimes even when we're in the best of situations whether it be socially, financially or otherwise. I must admit, the change in weather has definitely made a difference in my overall mood. I found small things like going for a walk at lunchtime and making more of an effort to eat healthily has given me back some positive energy and made me feel a little bit more optimistic. I would say my best advice is to change something small in your day-to-day routine. It could be going to a new coffee shop or supermarket to do your weekly shop, getting out the house more often, cook a nice meal, read a book, draw or paint - even something as small as taking a long shower or sorting out your pants drawer (I found that very satisfying!). I'm also a big believer in structure and lists and find it incredibly satisfying to tick things off as I do them - there's a definite satisfaction to look back on my day and see a ton of ticks next to my job list so maybe that's something to look into. Anyway, I had a urge to share and throw a bit of my emotional success out there :) Sending positive thoughts, N x

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Great Post x Thanks for sharing it x


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