Stupid Question 342

Do you feel worse when you're run down, tired and have a cold?

I feel super rubbish, I've been pretty down since my argument with the BF on Sunday and now my sore throat has become a bad cold and I feel crappy!

Moan, moan you say, well yes, I am moany, I also feel pretty crappy and I'm not sure how to cheer myself up :-( even radio 4 isn't working!

So any jokes you can share or any top tips, Im in.


(also have mild case of Pet envy! :-)

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  • Glycerin, lemon and honey. Not sure it makes much difference to the cold but it tastes good :p

    Yr not moaning. We all feel crap when we're ill, depression or not. Anything hanging about you can do that would make you feel you'd done something productive, or cleared it off your to do list? Hoisework maybe? That always made me feel a bit better.

  • Hi

    You're so right about the to do list, which is endless but my head is sore, maybe later, although I have been resting all day!

    I have school tomorrow and I don't want to miss it, but Im not sure, so Im resting.

    Honey and lemon is good, I'll give it a go again, thanks ever so much Themy for your reply


  • Hi Caroline , having a cold or throat infection would definitely make me

    Feel much worse.

    Take lots of fluids and Lemsips I find are good. Be extra extra kind to yourself, put

    All the focus on yourself and let the BF argument sink into history.

    Make a real pet of yourself and realise we can't feel fantastic all the time. You

    Will soon be back to your usual chirpy witty lovely self.

    Lots of TLc and Rest too. Sorry about no jokes, I'm a hopeless joker. Lol

    Hannah. Xx

  • That's such great advice. We aren't arguing now in fact he called me to see how I was (maybe check I hadn't passed Its just the argument left a bad taste you know.

    But yes, make a fuss of me, I like it.

    Im at home and should be at school but I get migraines and more so when Im ill, I also ache everywhere, school isn't near by home and I didn't want to get stuck. In a way Im pleased I didn't go, I just watched three very informative talks on TED Talks, have you heard of them. Id urge anyone to listen to TED talks on You Tube they are about every subject under the sun.

    The one I listened to first was how if we involve all the senses in our design it makes our designs much better, the audience benefits a great deal more.

    You know what it is Hannah when your body fails you, all of a sudden you want to scale Mount Everest when you couldn't be bothered before! Its that "no you cant thing" gets you everytime.

    I may be a bit moany today for which I apologise now or I might get all Mary Poppins and do at least a little tidying.


  • I like half a fresh lemon, half an orange and honey in warm water. Lovely! The whiskey is optional :d x

  • And you rub those all over your body.... that's right isn't it?


    XX Thank you X

  • Well you might but I wouldn't :) xx

  • Hi Caroline,

    The others have made the medicinal recommendations - all good ones. Let's see if this joke will bring on some laughter.....

    After many years together, a man discovers his Italian lover is pregnant. Not wishing to leave his wife, or damage his reputation, he offers his lover a large sum of money to return to Italy & have the baby. He also offers to pay support until the child is 18.

    The lover agrees but asks: "how wil you know when the baby is born?"

    He replies: "send me a postcard saying - spaghetti"

    9 months later a postcard arrives saying: "Spaghetti! Spaghetti! Spaghetti!

    Two with meatballs one without. Send more sauce!"

    Or how about:

    Knock, knock.

    Who's there?


    Dr. Who?

    How did you know?

    I do have others but they're not quite clean enough for a public site!

    Feel better soon. Catherine.

  • Lol that's so funny, my sister told me the Italian joke last year, what was so funny was how much it made her laugh!

    I just heard this joke its a little riskae but let see, hope I don't offend anyone, since we are all adults I thought you lot might not mind too much.

    So as it was told, with no judgements on race (oooh Im going to get in trouble now).....

    A man goes to a pub in the Highlands of Scotland a midst beautiful countryside. The man is a tourist, new to the area and walks in to the oak panelled snug to find one barman and in the far corner an old man.

    After he orders he turns to the old man who explains " See that bar, I made that bar with my own hands, found the oak, cured it, planed it until it was smooth and varnished it with love.... but do they call me The Master!

    Then he points out the window, " You see that dry stone wall, I constructed that wall with my own bare hands, found all the stones, placed them just so and made sure the wall was safe and secure....but do they call me The Great Dry Stone!

    He points to the far window, "you see that pier, I found the wood, drove the stakes into the sand as support, lay the planks and crafted the Pier, alone"

    Do they call me The Architect of they do not! But shag one goat!

    Ha ha sorry uncouth.

    To counteract that I shall post a lovely Elephant joke

    What did the grape say when the elephant stood on it?

    Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

    Oh now that has to be worth a groan :-)

    Thanks Catherine you reminded me to laugh though my coldy aches and pains XX