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It's Been a While

Hi everyone, it has been quite some time

I've just had a glance at some posts and am seeing lots of new names and fewer of the old - hoping that everyone is still okay and that newer folk are nicely settled in.

I haven't been on the site in months, I think it's mostly because I haven't wanted to face the fact that I am, in fact, depressed. A lot has gone on in those months and some of it I would much rather forget, but the main thing is I survived it.

I stopped taking my medication without consulting my doctor (probably shouldn't have, but it really hasn't made much difference), I have still occasionally resorted to self harm, I did 6 sessions of CBT with an 'expert' who was a nightmare & other than all of that just about have survived - I feel like this is still an achievement.

How is everybody else doing?


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Hi Clare nice to see you. Glad you are surviving. Are you ok though? x


Hi Clare, your profile picture is lovely.

I'm doing ok thanks. Been a tough couple of months with my Mum being unwell, but life is starting to get back in track I guess. I'm sorry things are still not right for you. Facing that you have depression is not a reason to hide away, it's a reason to feel liberated. Once you accept that the black dog is a part of your life, you can get to know him a bit better! X


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