How to stop making others feel miserable ? :(

I live with my husband who is a great and wonderful person who tries to understand my life and it's complications, but when I'm having a down day like today I seem to make him miserable as well and I wouldn't want that as he is so lovely. What do I do?

I'm fed up of being miserable, but I just cannot help when I'm stressed and lack of sleep and anxiety.....

2 Replies

  • When your having one of those days, ask him if he'd like to just go do something for himself, and you stay home and sleep dear.

  • Of course you can' help feeling miserable, any more than your husband can help his responses to it. What you can do is to stop feeling responsible for your husband's responses to you. His responses are his responsibility and not your fault. I expect he feels helpless to know how to help you but if that makes him feel miserable it is because he finds those feelings difficult. xx

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