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Baa humbugs :)

Baa humbugs :)

These are my baa humbugs - my antidote to too much Christmas decoration - though I'm afraid they will be slightly swamped by the wide range of goodies for tonight's solstice feast. Don't like Christmas because it was always my mother getting over stressed and ending up shouting at me but I do like the connection to the time of year and the need to mark the change in light so have moved my to 21st December - also means I can celebrate with friends before they disappear to do family and I get sucked into the vortex that is the bit of my family that I allow to encroach.

Hope you all find something to celebrate.

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Did you get the humbugs from ALDI,broke a tooth on them

Have a nice Winter Solstice you will need to see if you can see Comet Ison

All the very best for Christmas and New Year



they are from a local sweet maker ... haven't cracked any teeth or pulled out any fillings with them yet.

Once lost a crown to a fruit pastille ... and a tooth to an apple ... but then I was eating the stalk at the time.


yes happy solstice one and all.

even a few more minutes of day makes such a difference.

Personally I'm putting flowers around the house this season, rather than plastic santas.


That's a very clever picture! Hope you enjoyed! X


Lucy how did your day go? I'm sure your son was pleased with the win.

Hannah xx


Hey lovely lady! How are you?

The day went well, thanks. Joe had a bit of a sulk, because there was flooding in Shrewsbury which set us back a bit. Still made it in plenty of time for kick-off though. He is very, very pleased that his team are now top of the table! X


Ah that sounds like a teen for sure. Well done you, you

Are a great Mum.



Hi Gambit what a witty photograph. I like that especially the little sheep. Yes today is a special day and from now it will

Improve , light wise I mean. It's a good Idea to get together with friends before they

Scatter. Love to fur babies too. Luna my cat is now playing with a pink balloon, she

Is fascinated with it.



Love it !!! and your sense of humour.

Enjoy the humbugs and have a neat Christmas.

Love Julie xx


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