Pooh Plop Thursday

Was one of those days at work - got too cold on the way in and then when I arrived I was hit by constant interruptions and a load of plop ... though actually most of it was probably plip ... and I'm grateful that it wasn't actually phlutt (could also be spelt fflutt).

For those of you whose vocabulary is less extensive you might be more familiar with constipation (plip), a healthy bowel movement (plop) and diarrhoea (phlutt).

For those of you like my brother - who are sensitive to references to bodily functions I apologies. These are completely meaningless terms.

The Pooh in the title is, of course redundant but as most of you probably don't have as extensive a vocabulary it probably provides a context that would otherwise be missing. At the end of the day a plop, plip or phlutt by any other name would be just as fragrant. They can, of course be combined to cover a whole range of medical conditions - though plip-phlutts are fortunately rare and I can't say that I have ever experienced a phlutt-plip - though this is a world of infinite variety and, no doubt there will be someone out there who has (poor beggar - you have my deepest sympathy).

They aren't recognised medical terms but they really ought to be.

Just hoping that tomorrow doesn't turn out to be Phlutt Friday!

4 Replies

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Confuuuused !!! So I will flutter off!! Hope that isn't another of your words. Haha.

  • flutter is what butterflies do - it's quite nice.

  • I will be a beautiful butterfly and flutter off then !!

    Have a good day. Julie xx