Mindfulness 2

Mindfulness 2

The picture is my stress ball.

After my last post of a few examples of mindfulness had a few days when work totally took over life and I'd find I'd be out for a run and have gone 1/4 of a mile preoccupied with what I needed to get done and I'd forgotten to enjoy the light and the air and the birdsong ... so I'd enjoy it for the next 1/4 of a mile instead.

I managed to get the immediate stuff done and had a good evening out with friends on Friday watching the new Marvell film - Thor: World of Darkness ... even though I was aware that in the background I was also making plans for a powerpoint presentation to do at the start of budget workshop tomorrow. The main thing was chosing not to spend time being annoyed with myself for being a bit preoccupied with work things and to enjoy the activity of thinking about how I might do the presentation ... throwing in a few photos of the cats and other things to break it down ... and if people only remember those bits that's okay because putting a budget together shouldn't be stressful and may be that is part of the message I want to get across. Will see how it goes tomorrow.

Amazingly I managed to enjoy both the film and the planning!

Enjoyed yesterday - most of it was spent working through the puzzles in the papers. My boyfriend managed to make it across for a few hours and help me with the first crossword and reminisced about all the motorbikes he's had whilst I watched a Timewatch film ... and cuddled up a little. His energy levels are still very low - hoping that the gym sessions will get the heart muscle built up a bit - but it's really good that he is not pushing it. There was one moment where he apologised for being so 'dead' and then realised what he'd said and we had a bit of a laugh. Language can be a very strange thing.

Enjoyed a couple of runs out in the sunlight - this morning was particularly good.

The cats have taken an intense dislike the kitchen roll which keeps getting thoroughly beaten up on the kitchen floor when I'm out ... and even when I'm in if I don't hear the screams and run to the rescue.

They coped fine with the fireworks last night though they were a bit bemused by what all the bangs were about.. Fortunately we haven't had too many fireworks going off around us.

Anyway, life is good but really looking forward to a couple of days off at the end of the week ... even if it will mean a bit more re-taming the garden jungle ... whether it's raining or not.

Hope you all had a good weekend and that you all have a good week.

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  • It nice to read an uplifting post, it makes me realize that there are always ups for the hard times...good luck iwth your presentation...and jungle next weekend

  • The first paragraph reminded me of the Jefferson Airplane song 3/5 of a Mile in 10 seconds - though somehow I think that was more about chemical-induced relaxation rather than being mindful of the subtleties of nature!

    Also went to see Thor - that was my raison d'etre yesterday. I had a real crash Friday evening, felt lower than I have in a while. So I planned the cinema trip for Saturday morning as a fresh start, to pick my mood up a bit.

    Good luck for the presentation :)