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Trouble Finding Feet

I was diagnosed with depression a couple of months ago. It was assumed it was my job that was causing it. I have since left that job and was improving. I have since got 2 new jobs but my mood has plummeted again with how we send our lives working and further depressing thoughts. I have done the usual of trying to change my way of thinking and medication but it is not improving. Any advice would be great. I don't want to be like this any more its effecting all parts of my life.

Thank you all.

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Hi Maurauder. What job do you do? If your job is stressful then its understandable that you might feel that way, especially when starting somewhere new. Are you having any counselling at the moment? It seems that maybe you need to talk to someone about your feelings. Is there any way you can reduce your hours or take some time off? We are here to listen and support you. I was off for 7 weeks with anxiety/depression and am now making a slow return to work. My job can be stressful so I am restricting how many hours I'll be working and will be claiming the new PIP to help financially. I already get Working Tax credit. So far its been ok but I'm only working 2 shifts per week at the moment. I also like to plan a few breaks ahead and have just booked a week's holiday after Christmas. Its always good to remember that you need to do what's best for you. Please keep posting.


A couple of months isn't really that long and it may be that the meds haven't quite kicked in properly.

Are you in regular contact with your GP - know that that can be a bit hit and miss.

Have you tried exercise - I find running helps me - even if I don't feel like it at the time I do feel better for it afterwards so it is part of my routine.

Have you managed to keep any sort of social life going. Time with friends is very important even if you don't feel like it, though it is important that you have the confidence to let you friends know what is going on, so they can be supportive. Try to encourage them not to want to understand what is happening but just to accept it and the fact that sometimes you might be a bit grumpy.


The meds might need a bit more time to work, and the doc may later try a different variety if things really don't improve , try and give it some time. The same thing with changing your thoughts and feelings. Changing a life time of thinking is a challenge and may take more time than you expected. And there are a variety of approaches, some may suit you better than others.

You mention a major issue being the proportion of your life spent in work. A side ways move into a role that has more purpose might make the everyday frustrations in work seem less important. While a complete career change is not always practical it might be possible to take on a role where you know you and your colleages are having a positive contributions to customers/service users. I don't simply mean hard-core stuff like care-work, ..If your current workplace is ok it may even be possible to change your role there,

Ironically this might be more challenging to do this, but there won't be the feeling that you are wasting your life away.

Personal stuff that throws up a whole collection of depressing thoughts might be more complicated..

Has the g.p. mentioned counselling? Do you have friends who could be relied on to offer advice or keep you going with their own cheerfulness? Would you talk to any of the phone advice lines? Does work have a free counselling service via occi health? Would you benefit from personal self-development courses?

Please be patient with yourself, and try not to get cross with yourself when you can't manage to ''look on the bright side of life''.....on occassion life can be a cow. . Hope you get to gradually develop a ''tool-kit'' to get through the difficult days.

The guys on this site have all faced difficult times and do post a question if you need support.


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