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Anxious about finances

When I was made redundant and retired four years ago I expected my money to last well, but I'm now in that awkward situation of having just too much for benefits, but not enough to be comfortable. I just want to be able to have a few days away four or five times a year, locally, and not to have to worry if my rats need operations etc.

I'm still having procrastination problems as regards the housework, not helped by the pain.

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I'm not retired yet, but I understand how you feel. I'm on a good salary which on paper makes me look quite comfortable. However as a single parent I have a huge childcare bill each month and pay a lot for housing costs. Because of my salary, I can't claim any help towards either, which means my pay each month is gone within a few days! X


Try not to worry about the housework - as long as you are managing to keep the rats clean that's what really counts.

Don't know what to say about the money - have you tried Citizen's Advise - they may be able to advise on groups or people that help with breaks though there's always that catch 22 that you might not have enough to be able to afford a holiday but they think you have too much to qualify for assistance.


I know what you mean. I earn a decent salary, but the time I've paid the rent, bills and travel to work I don't have that much left. And London travel ain't cheap either. Not sure what to suggest as I don't manage it very well myself.

Try not to feel bad about the housework. It's a dip, you're feeling drained, don't admonish yourself for not being at full capacity. And if you still feel bad I'll put up a picture of my room - it's a bomb site at the moment!!


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