First Mental Health Team appointment - what do they need? Have any other over 65s had to go under a team for older people?

Having managed to refuse so far, this week I actually asked for a referral to the CMHT - mainly to give me better access to crisis facilities . As I am over 65 I come under an 'old age' team. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also, as I like to prepare written information, can anyone give me any idea what I am likely to be asked, what goes on etc.?

Thank you.


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  • They will ask you do you live alone, are you eating, sleeping, have suicidal thoughts

    have you seen a mental health specialist person before, taken medication, its not too bad

    whether you want support with financial problems etc

  • I'll have it all printed out beforehand -along with my general medical history one and personal memoranda. I usually carry those two in my bag in case I have an accident. I know how one of my friends was dependent on someone who knew him well when he collapsed while away and was in no fir state to answer questions.

    They are also handy for hospital visits etc. - medication, family and personal history.

  • Hello, don't be nervous, at the end of the day they are there to ask you what you need and assess your needs. They should give you some information about their services and assess your health and social care needs. It is very important to be very honest if you find things difficult eg cooking, washing, getting out. Some people tend to make out things aren't that bad as they feel they should but don't. Write down beforehand things you find tough, ask people who know you to tell you what they see. It may also help you to have somebody you feel comfortable with to be with you. If you have a career or somebody you care for make sure they know as they have a duty to assess this too.

    There is legislation which guides all local authorities and nhs trusts and they apply eligibility criteria, most places only deal with high level, critical or substantial level of need so this is why it's very important to tell them what you really think.

    I have a lot of experience with these teams so I hope that helps?

    Is there anything specific I can tell you? Try not to worry x

  • I had the team come home a man and lady and they just asked questions and he wrote a prescription for antidepressants nothing to worry about at all honest. Take care


  • I think I'll be visiting their centre in town. I'm actually much better than I was, and settled on nortriptyline now, but my principal need is for crisis help to be available if I should have a major setback, as I did three weeks ago. The ordinary helpline is very busy when you are feeling acutely suicidal.

    I do have a house-cluttering problem, which I am working on, but a CPN or similar to whom I could be accountable would be helpful. I'm also struggling a little financially - again something I'm working on.

    I do a bit of voluntary work and have no mobility or self-care problems, but do have chronic pain..

    I lost another of my little animals today - my second-oldest rat - she had to be put to sleep after a stroke, but I had my brilliant vet and it was all very peaceful. I plan to allow the numbers to decrease, then go on the waiting list for a couple from a registered breeder. This will also mean I can have more of a one-to-one relationship with them and will reduce food and vet bills. Last month has been very bad for vet bills - partly because I took on two rats which needed treatment - one was PTS and the other died a couple of weeks after an operation

    I am preparing a mental health history to take with me..


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