Who helps when no one does ?

HI Friends .

When your all alone and every second of every day is sheer hell , who helps ? I am seeing my psych on the 11th June and I do not know what to do until then.

I am not sleeping eating and barely sipping water. Iam alone and afraid.My thorts of suicide are constant my interest in life is zero. I just dont know what to do or who to turn too anymore . Waits between apps are killing me .,

I am alone and tired of this life

Sharon x

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  • hi Sharon, what you are feeling is a part of your depression. You are not alone. Here on this site are people who understand and care. we all come on here at different times, but we do care.

    Please try and drink more water or tea/coffee you need to keep your fluid levels up.

    I go through times when I can't face food, but try something light and easy to swallow like a clear soup, or a few plain biscuits, maybe some custard. I sometimes have a few crisps or an egg.

    not drinking water can make you very ill.

    not eating and drinking can make your depression and anxiety worse.

    is it possible to get an appointment with your gp?

    I think it's important that you go and see him and maybe print out your blog above and show him.

    if they say it's emergencies only say yes it is - "emergency" here means can it wait until tomorrow, you shouldn't have to wait, tell them you are very depressed and want an app't.

    also call the psyche's secretary and ask about an earlier app't.

    You don't say how old you are, but I've got a list of useful helplines:-

    please consider calling some of them.


    0300 123 3393



    0845 767 8000


    SANEline is a national out-of-hours telephone helpline offering emotional support and information for people affected by mental health problems.


    Helpline: 0800 018 2138


    Students Against Depression


    Developed in consultation with students who have been affected by depression, low mood or suicidal thoughts. Many of their stories and suggestions are included on the site.

    Get Connected

    Freephone: 0808 808 4994 (1pm - 11pm)


    Confidential National helpline for young people under 25 helps them work out what they need most. Can put them in touch with places that can help - whatever the issue.

    Campaign Against Living Miserably

    Helpline: 0800 58 58 58



    Papyrus HOPElineUK - 0800 068 41 41


    Support for those dealing with suicide, depression or emotional distress - particularly teenagers and young adults.

    there are also the Samaritans - they are always there for anyone with depression,

    I've called them and just asked them to be there on the line while I sat quietly, just knowing someone was there, or I've talked and/or cried.

    they do help.

    please come back on and keep in touch.

    regards, and a gentle hug [[ :) ]]


  • Hi Sharon

    I'm sorry you are struggling at the moment and agree with everything in Sandra's answer - you can also go to A & E and ask to see the duty psychiatrist if you consider you are seriously at risk. It feels an extreme thing to do but is better than not being alive!

    Try to take care of yourself, you are worth looking after however bad you may feel.


  • Hi and ty for the reply ladies ,

    My gp today has given me 14 days of Zopicione for sleeping and my new pill of the week is Trazodone 50mg. We chatted and at the end of the day you have to help yourself , she admits its hard but whats the choices .. My gp do not do emergency app you need to go to A&E or nhs direct .I can not get an earlier app for the psych .

    I just feel worn down by it all and being alone is just terrible . I am 48 lost my mum 11 months ago and my daughter moved out so I now life alone in a flat I hate,. Dnt have many friends and if I did no one wants to sit and listen to a misery,

    I just feel so lonely and sick of it all

    Hugs Sharon xx

  • A surgery cannot refuse to see you on the basis that they don't have emergency appointments. At my surgery I just call their bluff. Go right in the middle of surgery and ask to see a doctor. When they say no, I just say 'Ok, I understand that you're busy, could you just give me the number for the out of hours GP please?' Because they aren't allowed to send you there during surgery hours, they then begrudgingly fit me in! But that might just be policy in Wales?

  • Hi again

    I just looked at your blog again and realise that it sounds as though you are wanting someone to help prevent you having thoughts of suicide - unfortunately no-one can really stop you from wanting to kill yourself or doing so if you really want to.

    I guess what you are wanting is for someone to help you to feel better and they can do that. You say you are not seeing your psych until 11th June, but in the meantime you are entitled to ask for help from the Primary Mental Health Care Team. You can either ask your GP to refer you and explain you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, or you may be able to self-refer as you can in the area where I live. Either way they will be able to assess your need for support if they haven't already done so. They may also be able to put you in touch with local groups or a befriender as many mental health teams have them. Do check that out if you haven't already done so. If you have and they consider you do not need more support then I wonder whether they know how bad you are feeling - do tell them but it's always best to do so in a rational way and not be over-emotional however bad you feel otherwise they may tend to feel you are dramatising things when you are not! If you feel really bad you need to tell them so.

    If they still don't offer enough support then your only option may be to use the back-up crisis services. The local branch of Mind may be able to offer support and sometimes have courses in Mindfulness which can be helpful with dealing with feelings that get out of control.

    I'll be thinking of you,


  • Hi Sue

    Thank you for the reply . The thing is with me Im lonely and sad . My mum died and I miss her everyday ..My 24 yr old daughter moved out and I am now living alone in a flat I hate . I am no good on my own , it worries me how upset I get at being alone . I dnt have many friends , there 2 I do are having alot of their own problems.

    Saw my gp yesterday who gave me Trazadone 50mg and sleeping pills, she knows how upset and worried I am but all she can do is help with pills and tells me to go to my psych .

    No pills or talking will ever stop the way I feel alone , i am alone im bored and feel life is not worth living.

    I am not the type of person to ring the samaratins , i have done , it doesnt help at all. I know I have to get out the house but I am not the type of person who wants to do things alone I need company and people around me .

    As you can see no easy answer

    Sharon xx

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