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PSA Testing and Results.


I paid for an online PSA test, with the following results ----

P S Ag (total) 4.72 ug/l 0.00 - 6.50

P S Ag (Free) 1.41 ug/l 0 - 0.90

Free:Total ratio 0.30 >0.24 is normal

I am 78, diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, and use Alfuzosin daily.

Any comments please, especially on the "Free" result which was printed in RED !

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Hi. You might find this informative:

not sure why one was printed in red, all seem within normal ranges

Palioly in reply to Galen70

Because it is supposedly out of range which seems to be ---

"P S Ag (Free) 1.41 ug/l 0 - 0.90" -- see above result figures.

I am 1.41 whereas range appears to be between 0 and 0.9

Galen70 in reply to Palioly

Yes that value is above normal , but given your total PSA is normal and the ratio calculated free : total is normal. Given your age, and that you have prostatic hypertrophy, I would not be concerned. But if you are, discuss with a GP or urologist.

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