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Circumcision issues wondering if things are normal

Having trouble to im about a week in and i was sent to emerge 2 days ago cause i had bleeding around a stitch up top they told me it was fine no infection and sent me home told me to put bandage on it for two days then no bandage so i did but today i took a shower let water run over it but when i got out it started to sting a little were it bleed from 2 days ago its not really bad but noticable im just wondering if any ever went through this and if its normal its been a rough ride so far just wondering to they told me to leave bandage off but its still weeping underneath and i just feel better eith a light wrapped gauze on it so nothing sticks to it is this ok i was using vasilne and thats why it opened by the sticthe aparently its not water souluble and doesnt let the wound heal i know i seen alot on here about people saying its good for it but do not use it will prolong the healing 7 days now and it feels like im not getting any better erections dont hurt as much id the only thig i noticed and the head is getting less senistive if someone can answer a bit of this for me would be much appreciated where i have really bad anxiety if i could stay at the hosiptal the next three weeks i would worst experience of my life if i had my time back i would never have done it. I had it done because of phomises my ehole life and im 26 please help

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Also i was told i can take baths after 5 days fron surgery but i dunno about that still a bit swollen to and really sensitive no trouble peeing and was on infection pills since the surgery and painkillers but i tooked the last bit yesterday scared to death about it were its my first surgery ever wasnt given any information when they let me go and hard to find exactly whats going on with the internet im also afraid of tearing after stitches come out where it bleed 2 days ago ive had a ice pack on it the last couple of days to keep swelling at bay like i realky dont have a clue about this stuff im hoping someone can help and calm me down i thought i would be able to get up and walk around after a week but im bed ridfin since i got out very hard on the mind not be able to be outside and worrying ablut whats going on with me to feels like im not gonna make it through this just want to see some signs im getting better i also had a frenulum relocated where it was to high which i know takes longer to heal i can leave the gauze off it thou it hooks in my underwear and its weeping underneath its only loosley wrapped im just hopeing i can keep that on it helps so much


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