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My Underhead part won’t heal


I got circumcised 14days ago, my stitches all fell off within 10days and right round it’s healed already but below the head it’s just still the same and there some white staff coming out, there is one stitch left . Am i having an infection or something , cause right round it’s healed completely with 14days but only this part it’s like nothing is happening. Please help me i have attached picture

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Looks normal to me. Check with your doctor if you're too concerned.

eddyM in reply to Danish92

okay thanks

That lower part is the most sensitive and takes the longest to heal. So it is pretty standard. As for the infection, it is usually accompanied by redness, puss, foul smell, pain and potentially fever. Now I can't tell for sure from that picture if it is infected or not, does not look like it, but only a doctor can tell you for sure.

As for 14 days in, you seem to be healing fast and it is looking good. I wouldn't worry.

Just give it some time. You will be fine.

That part takes the longest to heal I'm 4 weeks in and that was the last part to heal for me. I started using Bio-Oil for the scoring about a week ago

eddyM in reply to Ire_cali

okay thanks for your response

i am healed now , the under part has closed up but my penis looks weird now lol .. Where they were stitches it’s so funny lol

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