Foreskin getting stuck

During one of my first sexual experiences, my foreskin became stuck behind the head of my penis and only went back over after a couple of frantic worrying seconds. Ever since then I have been scared to try again and very sensitive and overly careful not to repeat this.

My foreskin seems a little tight so could this be Phimosis or could something with the head of my penis cause this and should i try to see if it happens again?

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  • Yes you have a mild phimosis, but I would guarantee that this will settle with time ad gentle stretching in the bath with soap. There are lots of similar posts on here. Certainly it is more likely to be difficult to reduce when your penis is erect, but time and stretching will help resolve it. Mild steroid creams like hydrocortisone are available over the counter and mey help.

  • Goldie is right. Similar thing happened to me when younger and it actually took almost a day with regular gentle easing back over the head. I spent day with damp cloth down my pants to ease discomfort ! But things did become easier. Of course never a problem whilst wearing a condom.

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