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I am 19 years old boy. I had urine problem at bed, hence my mom and dad decided my penis circumstance operation. My mom close friend is well known lady doctor in our area. But as i am young boy how can show my penis to a lady doctor ? and if i show my penis to doctor and that time if sperm falls then i feel really embrace. Please suggest me some thing.

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  • ask lady doctor to refer to a gent doctor.matter over.

  • Your problem does not sound like a reason to have a circumcision, if that is what you mean ?

    Rest assured the Doctor will have seen it all before, but if you are really concerned, as has been said by others, politely ask to see a male Doctor. My advice, when I need medical people to look at my penis I do the same as at Dentist. Concentrate your thoughts somewhere else, look straight ahead and do not think about it.

    Good Luck

  • I'm an Italian medical doctor and as far as I know there is NO reason for circumcision or ANY other surgical operation on your penis if you happen to pee involuntarily in bed when you are asleep. So in my opinion you don't have to show your penis to anyone as for now. Anyway, erection and ejaculation are complex reflex and I doubt that you will ejaculate only because a woman (maybe old and ugly!) is watching your penis, so do not worry too much. Men can stay naked with naked women in nudist beaches without having erection or ejaculation. It is not an effort, it is that you need apt stimulation to become hard and/or to ejaculate and I don't think that a visit is such an opportunity! But you are free anyway to ask for a man-doctor if you feel more comfortable.

    Enuresis (that is peeing involuntarily in bed when you are asleep) is a common symptom, which can be due to a variety of conditions. For example: how much do you urinate during the day? how thirsty are you usually? do you drink water, coffee or alcohol? do you drink a lot before you go to sleep? Are you diabetic? .. and so on. So a good GP should take into consideration many options but PLEASE don't let your penis operated as a first option!

    There are Behaviour Therapies that can help you: for example, drinking quite a lot during the day and get used to retain your urine for some hours; or devices that wake you up when you start peeing in bed in order you to go to the toilet to complete your urination, etc In these ways, you become more conscious of your urinating stimulus and how to control it. You have anyway to follow the instruction of a therapist, you cannot do-it-yourself!

    In my opinion, however, enuresis often hides some psychological distress. Have you always been enuretic since your childhood or have you become enuretic just some time ago? This is another important question you have to answer to the doctor. It should reveal if your distress was "original" from your infancy or it is something recent. Psychological aid is very useful in my opinion in these cases.

    I'm Nick. Let me know. Don't let your penis be operated for these reasons!

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