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Stitches opened

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Where can I get a UK doctor to do circumcision revision to a boy of 9 yrs old

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If you can get to London, the best circumcision doctor we have in the UK is Dr Amin at CircumcisionPRO ( He can do a preliminary consultation online if you want, or at the clinic.

You mentioned opened stitches in the title line. Note that it is not possible to simply replace stitches once the edges have healed, so if it is more than a day or so you are too late to get that done. An actual revision is only required if the initial circumcision was not done properly. You need to leave 5 months or so between the original circumcision and any revision for the original to fully settle down in order that the doctor can properly determine what needs to be done.

When was the original circumcision done for your son? Where did you go to get it done? What was the reasoning behind getting him circumcised? (Note that I am totally in favour of circumcision)

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What you want is to look for an urologist. They specialize in that practice.

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Suggest Mr J Kalsi at Spire Hospital Thames Valley at

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