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Whether circumcision is required

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Hello everyone,I would like to enquire about:

I am 24 years old and I haven't had sex so far. I have suffered from phimosis since childhood. The glans cannot be exposed at any time(erection or relaxation). And a bulge will appear on the foreskin when urinating. But I don't have any obvious symptoms, like itching or pain. Now I realize I'm not the same as normal. I don't know if I need to be circumcised?

I've seen some talk about the link between phimosis and penile cancer, which makes me afraid. But it is said that phimosis after adulthood will not increase the probability of penile cancer again. I don't know why this is:adult or not, what factors will be affected?

I'm not from an English-speaking country, maybe the English expression is not good, please don't mind

4 Replies
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Hello… Phimosis is something that will definitely complicate sex life in one way or the other. Since you did not involve in an intercourse, you might not know what are its side effects. If you are sure of that all you have is phimosis, circumcision will help you in a situation like this. I suggest please visit a urologist and get things diagnosed. This helps you to be confident about the plan of action.

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jimfromcalif in reply to smeesara

Cancer of the penis is most often caused by HPV, Human papillomavirus, acquired by unprotected sex with an infected person. Smoking tobacco and touching your penis without washing your hands can also be a source. Don’t do those things to be safe. It’s very rare anyway.Stretching can cure your phimosis. Details are at phimosisjourney.com

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Your English is good! Best to discuss your concerns with a doctor. You can go through the options available to you.

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Your English is better than a lot of people I know and they are from England!You do need to do something, penile cancer is very, very rare and not something you should be worrying about though it's true that infant circumcision prevents it. I was circumcised as an adult so I'm not protected either but it's not a concern. However, you obviously can't clean under the skin which is not healthy, especially when you do start having sex. You may need circumcision but it is possible that the foreskin can be stretched. I do think you should see a doctor about it though, my guess is he will recommend circumcision because it's simple for them but if you absolutely don't want that ask him about stretching and Betamethasone creme to help do it. Good luck and don't fear circumcision if it's needed

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