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Worried with the cut

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When i wake up and stand straight, my foreskin cover the lower base of penis and seems to look a partial circumcision, but when i lie down in bed it seems to have full cut. Why is this happening? Hows your circumcision be like when you stand straight? Does it tries to cover some part of penis head? I am worried that i have to do the surgery again. There is very little swelling left in my right side else there is not much swelling in left side. I had done circumcision 7 day ago and felt like i have to go for revision surgery later in my life. Is it loose cut circumcision?

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Well, if it just seven days post-op, you need to wait at least 4-6 months to see the outcome. You may have quite loose circumcision. There is no standard of medical circumcision. We all are different.

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Neither my frenulum is cut. I feel surgeon have messed it up. I didnt wish for low loose cut. After How long post op can we go for next surgery? I read in many places that loose circumcision wont help much. How about yours? What happens when you stand straight? Does it touches the head of penis?

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What is the purpose of your procedure? Medical or cosmetic? What did you say to your surgeon? Did you tell him/her about you wishes? It is suggested to wait like 6 months post-op or the recent wound needs to heal first at least.

Well i told him to make my frenulum long or to cut it off, but didnt mention anything about the loose and tight cut. He told he will do that but i guess he forgot as when asked now he says he havent cut the frenulum but says it wont affect me now on. But dont know how. I wish to see flaccid penis when stand straight.

Do you think when the swollen part heals completely it will get tight ? Or will cover more of my glan ?

You did not answer my question. Did you have some medical issue on your penis? That can affect how the circumcision was done.

No i didnt have any medical issue

I opted to go for partial circumcision intentionally and I am like you: when flaccid the glans are covered half or may be upto 70% by my foreskin (I am a grower) and when erected the foreskin glides back on its own and stay behind the corona of glans until I take it back up. I am in my 5th week post op and still recovering from the sensations but things are improving quite good. My surgeon also loose the frenulum for a negligible resistance as I was suffering heavily from Phimosis and had never seen my glans in 35 years.

Was your frenulum removed ?? Or untouched??

He loose my frenulum basically (not removed it completely). Now I can easily roll back and forth my foreskin.

I have also skin that almost cover penis glan after circumcision. But when it erect the skin roll back behind the penis tip. I think it is good for having long skin because if are a grower then removing touch much skin is bad, after erection penis may bend due to lack of skin. Also larger skin somewhat preserve your sensation.

You can always have frenulum fixed / removed later, it is minor . But in the meantime allow yourself the time to heal and swelling to come back to normal. Any procedure is an assault on the body, although a controlled one. As someone said, the full healing can take months, not an overnight thing.

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