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Circumcision Questions

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I have been seriously considering getting my penis circumcised for quite a while and have some questions I hope people who have been circumcised as adults can help with.

1. Who is the best doctor in the US for an adult circumcision? I am willing to travel.

2. Frenulum removal vs keeping. My frenulum is tight and that is one of the reasons I am considering a circumcision. Can anyone speak to the loss of sensitivity when the frenulum is removed?

3. What about overall loss of sensation? To boil it down, if circumcised as an adult for non-medical reasons would you do it again?

4. What style of circumcision is best for me and why?

Thanks for your feedback.

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2. Obviously if the frenulum is no longer there then you won’t feel it any more, e.g. loss of sensation, although if that sensation is pain from being stretched then is that a bad thing?

3. You do lose some sensation over time but the degree depends on how well you look after it. Masturbation is different, journey might not be so good but the climax is far better. On the plus side mine felt instantly more comfortable and I’ve previously compared it to kicking off footwear and walking on a dry sandy beach. I had a completely pain-free experience that healed without any issues and I also now prefer the appearance. On balance, I’d do it again without the hesitation I had previously - but mine was for a medical reason and it’s not for everyone, so think carefully.

4. That’s like asking what style haircut you should have, you need to decide yourself. Mine was low because it was for medical reasons. Recurring thrush and Balanitis meant I needed to do away with any moisture traps. The surgeon explained that a low incision would ensure the glans remained uncovered with no roll back, he appears to have been right. This is worth fact checking with the many guys here who have high cuts. I hope this helps.

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CuriousQ in reply to User1957

Why does it need to be low? Wouldn't removing an equal part of shaft skin instead of inner foreskin ensure no roll back?

As for me I've had a bad experience. Don't feel much having sex, masturbation is ok as you can change grip and pressure. I would first try stretching with some cortisone cream. If that doesn't help you I would consider a circumcision. You could also go for just a frenuloplasty if your foreskin isn't tight or giving you any issues.

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The pics show no indication that you have phimosis or paraphimosis. What is your health issue? This is a forum for support with health problems.

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User1957 in reply to Osidge

OP is seeking advice on what to expect, surely that’s a valid request or should all such questions be filtered out?

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OsidgeModerator in reply to User1957

He is wanting information on a cosmetic procedure. I repeat that this forum is for penis health issues. It is not just a circumcision information site.

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User1957 in reply to Osidge

So why didn’t you delete it or maybe the guidelines need to be updated to clarify/reflect your stance? Maybe his health problem is psychological rather than physical?


HealthUnlocked is designed to be a safe space where people can chat with others going through a similar health journey to them and to gain emotional support.

This includes males who have had a circumcision or are considering one.

By posting to this forum about circumcision (yours or anyone else’s), you accept the following:

- many circumcisions in the world today are not medical necessary

- some circumcisions (and health professionals disagree about how many) may be medically necessary

- nobody should be circumcised without their consent.

This is not a place for promoting circumcision generally, for fetishising it or indeed for blanket opposition to it. If you can’t accept that, please don’t post. You may be restricted without further warning.

All non-health-related content including images may be removed.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to User1957

Is there any indication that the original poster has a mental health issue? I have raised that issue on the forum previously and was told in no uncertain terms by many that wanting a non-medical circumcision was not a mental health/psychological issue.

The forum is entitled “penis health” and we are looking at the direction it has taken. You may have contributed greatly to that review. It is not a circumcision forum but you have made it clear that you think it is for health and non-health postings. Thanks.

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User1957 in reply to Osidge

Sarcasm noted. I'm merely trying to establish where the line of demarcation lies. I agree with you and don't think this is a forum for non-health issues however you appear to be on the fence with this one, i.e. if you feel the OP is non-health and doesn't contribute any value then just delete it.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to User1957

Thank you for your view. I will feed it into the review this week.

The pictures don't depict a problem since retraction is possible a considerable distance behind the sulcus. However, it sounds as if you've made up your mind. A urologist commonly recommended is Dr David Cornell in Atlanta GA. Reports claim that he operates according to the specifications of his patients. The usual method is sleeve resection which allows placement of the new juncture at a wide range of choices from low to high on the shaft. Sensation is always a question. Logic tells us the the loss if nerves will reduce sensation. In your case if having a fully functioning foreskin, the odds increase that you'll notice it. Leaving more inner foreskin would minimize that risk. Another urologist in New York City, Dr Francois Eid, offers an interesting variation of circumcision in which no foreskin is removed. The frenulum is completely excised, permitting the entire foreskin to be drawn back over the shaft. The sleeve rejection occurs at the base if the penile shaft where the scar line is hidden in pubic hair.

If you search Cosmetic Circumcision, you can locate photos of several such surgeries in progress. That style, logically, would preserve all sensation except what is lost by removing the frenulum. I hope that provides you with some ideas to think about. Good luck with your decision.

Just do it. 100% recommended!

You will lose sensitivity, but you will gain much more in cleanness and no more smell!

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Rey-01

If you had smell then that is a hygiene issue.

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Rey-01 in reply to Osidge

I would say that I am among the cleanest people on earth, so smell was a hygiene issue just because of the shape of the uncircumcised penis. Now after circumcision there is no more smell and it is visibly cleaner.

Bacteria get trapped in the foreskin (when you still have it)and smell even on a very clean person.

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Rey-01

Never noticed that. A daily wash does not allow subsequent bacteria to be there long enough to cause a smell. I have never had that problem in my whole life! Perhaps it was something peculiar to you and any particular bacteria that were resident on your penis. It just goes to show that promises of particular states in the future cannot be made.

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Rey-01 in reply to Osidge

Interesting note since I asked at least 2 doctors and both mentioned it was the normal smell of such part of the body.

Though I don't care since now I am odor free and happy with my cut.

How about you? Dod you get circumcised as adult?

Have a great day!

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OsidgeModerator in reply to Rey-01

I am not circumcised and have never had a problem with a malodorous penis. I am not sure which two doctors have advised you but you might find this of interest:

I sent you a private message about a doctor recommendation.

Best thing ever!

Never had an issue with smegma or smell before my Circ' so not sure why some people cite this as a reason for being cut ?

Initially the head was VERY sensitive but this subdued and is now fine.

Masturbation is not as easy now but I do cum more, as in further !

I find I lose my erection easier since my Op'.

Wife has not made any pro or negative comments.

So I would say, do plenty of research, ignore anyone who gives you overly good or bad feedback.

Think very carefully as once it's gone it's gone !

Dont do it , you will regret the rest of your life.

Gentle Procedures in Dallas. Highly recommend them. Do your research.

BEAUTIFUL penis, nicely exposed glans, relatively supple foreskin that appears to retract easily. If it were mine, I would not circumcise the foreskin. Your foreskin, do as you please.

The pictures indicate that your foreskin is completely retractable. You don't have frenulum breve.

This is the nature of the foreskin, which you are considering sacrificing on whatever altar you deem appropriate.

Here are somethings that may happen:

Is the frenulum painfully tight when erect and having sex/masturbating? They can tear if so. If that is the case you could have just the frenulum done.

have you had it done mate or still considering ?

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