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4 weeks post circumcision

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Hi that's the picture re: my previous post. Just a Recap!!. Im 4 weeks and it hurts around the stitched area it's also red almost like it's irritated. A bit of swelling also... To be honest i kinda scratched it when itching and the work i do doesn't help much either.

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U need to start using Bio Oil 2 times a day to help the area heal and decrease the over-sensitivity , itching is a sign of healing , never scratch it , hold .

also if your work is more physical , check my last post , you could use a certain type of underwear to deal with that and it will help you greatly .

Hi, it's looking good. if you use some bio oil massage it in it should reduce any swelling you may still have.

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Adrian07 in reply to MrMac99

thanx man will do that

Try not to scratch mate - I know that’s easier said than done. Bio oil may help with it. I apply twice a day, morning and night, after a wash.

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Thanx man will try the bio oil😁

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You mean input bio oil then wash it?

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No I usually shower and then use the bio oil

Looks brill us some bio oil

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