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Circumcision, post-op week 4

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Hi guys,

I did my circumcision on (29/6/20). I did it because of the phimosis problem. I am 26 yrs old male and not sexually active. First week after my post-op(5/7/20), i had bleeding and had to readmit to the hospital. I got discharged four days later. A follow up with the doctor on 13/7/20, showed that I might get infected. Hence, doctor continues to ask me to do daily dressing. The swab culture test came on 18/7/20, revealing that there’s no harmful bacteria or infection (Thank god!).

I have another follow up on (27/7/20). Below i have attached how my penis looks like. Would really help if you guys could give your opinion on it. Does it look ok? ( is it me or does the head or gland looks bend) What kind of a cut is it? ( I feel its loose though, not sure high or low) When can i masturbate? ( It’s killing me, yesterday 21/7/20 marked week 4). My head is still very sensitive though and i kinda have my dressing on for like 24 hrs. Thanks for your feedback. Looking forward to reading it.

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look good.

should be okay as long as you do what your doctor say.

you might want to wait a bit longer for masturbation, don't risk it.

wash your face and go outside for a walk in the park whenever your mind thirst for it.

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Thank you. I will try to abstain myself. Do you by any chance know what style of circumcision this is?

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images are not too clear, but I think it's low cut judging by the wound below frenulum.

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Thank you

It seems to have healed well. Sexual activites of any sort would be best after 6 Weeks as you don't want to slow down the recovery or add trauma .

About the sensitivity , it only decreases on contact with clothes and hands while you bathe or touch the glans . So once you are cleared by your doc to stop dressing the area start off with loose clothes and encourage contact with the glans . Also if it's too sensitive you might want to use petroleum jelly or non irritant non fragrant moisturisers on the glans and it will help out. All the best !

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Thank you so much for the tips. Appreciate it. Do you know what style of circumcision this is? I feel its loose since there is more skin left. However, i am not sure if its high or low.

Have they removed frenulum for u ?

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Nope. The frenulum is still there

You can find out by yourself:

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Thank you. I did came across one of the sites previously. I’m afraid, i am still not sure. Thank you once again.

I wonder why they made it so low. Your scrotum is riding very high up and it looks like you have a lot of hair in your shaft. You should talk to your doctor about that.

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Sure. I will being the concern to the doctor, though i don’t find it to be high up. Thanks for the feedback

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