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Lump after Circumcision


So I was Circumcised 3 weeks ago today, however I have noticed a lump has developed, to the one side of the frenulum near to the scare line towards the head, however I feel like it’s something that runs from a vein as it feels like something hard also branches of towards and deep into the the penis tissue,

Can anyone let me know if there is in fact a main vein in that area, and should I be worried to contact my Dr?

Thanks all to anyone who responds

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Hey I have had the same thing it’s probably scar tissue from the surgery it will go away very slowly over the next few months. Nothing to worry about

Ok thank you for the info pal! All the best

Hi, it's been 6 weeks since I've been circumcised. I had sex after 5 weeks and it was extremely painful. And I think since then the exact same thing has developed with me, and it's hurting a lot. How did it evolve in your case?

Thanks in advance for responding! Getting worried, doctor gave me ibuprofen for a week but I feel it's not helping.

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Hi yeh, to be honest I didn’t have sex for 2/3 months I think around then..

the scare line will be painful for a while and will take time, but once healed enough you should massage with boo oil, did you have glue or just stitches?

Hey, any update on this? I had mine circumcision done 10 days ago, and i have teo lumps on each side of penis shaft. I am worried what they can be

hi got the same problem nearly over 1 year and half still have scar which exceed outside my glands have you the same problem and have got any effective way or treatment to solve this..this is very painful mentally

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