What is the possibility that my sister will recover from meningitis?

My 10 years old sister is now confined at the hospital and she is unresponsive since December 26,2012. The doctors diagnosed that she is suffering of TB meningitis. She was operated(VP shunt) last Dec.27 because she has a condition in which fluid accumulates in the brain (hydrocephalus). I don't know if its because of the infection. I hope someone could explain me what is really happening(chances of recovering, after effects) because

my sister because had not yet wake up till now. :( I'm hoping God will heal her.

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  • I believe that the results of a brain scan would let you know of the extent of her future recovery. If she has good brain function, or brain activity as seen in the brain scan, then I would think she has a good chance of recovery. Keep praying.

  • Thank you for your response.. She had her ct scan result the 2nd time around and they said she has still hydrocephalus.. there are rapid loss of some brain functions due to lack of blood supply in her brain(stroke) :( .. I don't know.. Is there still a chance that she would recover?

  • The CT will show fluid, but she needs a EEG to determine are any brain waves. In other words, if the brain is firing impulses. Keep in touch.

  • Just to say I have read your story and you and your sister are in my thoughts and prayers.Do remember the Meningitsi Trust has a 24hr fee helpline - just talking to someone can be a great support.

    There is always a chance of receovery,but sadly it may be to a very much altered state.

  • thank you for your response daffodil.. I am still happy that there is still a chance of recovery for my sister.. I will never lose hope that someday she will fully recover by God's help and through all your prayer and support..

  • Hi just wondering if your sister recovered. . I caught tb men in july.. it was really early stages so my brain functions are good. I have regained all speech, sight and walking, I however have balance and vertigo problems. . X

  • hello @dinapanch89.. sad to say and remember , but my sister did not recover, given that she was so young that she could not take all of the sufferings/side effects brought by all of the medications/treatments given to her. It's almost more than a year now.

    For you, I'm praying that you will fully recover :) Keep the faith :) Bless you!

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