New to community & this is my meningitis story

In October of 2014 I became ill with what I thought was the flu. My temp was 102.9 for about 24 hrs before going to an urgent care facility. I live in the US.

While at the facility, I was taken to a room & was asked to submit a UA. Not long after a nurse came in & stated I had signs of a kidney infection though I had no symptoms. They wanted me to have an IV dose of antibiotics before sending me home on the oral Rx. I remember after the IV started I was so cold. The nurse brought me a blanket & I woke up in the ER of a hospital with a tube down my throat. I recall hearing my temp spiked to 107.6 & stopped breathing. I don't remember anything except how cold I was. Once revived, they removed the tube & that's when I noticed the headache. I was taken to ICU where a nurse never left my side. They put in a central line in my neck. I remember them telling me my kidneys were shutting down, my heart rate irrational, & bp wouldn't stabilize. I wore my sunglasses while in ICU. The headaches were monstrous, I didn't want food, my temp was 101.2 & I felt awful. I was pumped so full of stuff I swelled! Once stabilized I went to a regular hospital room & after a couple of days was told about the numerous tests & the results of them.

I was diagnosed with meningitis! Wth?!? Where did that come from?

I was given a book of paperwork for my PCP- my regular doc with an appointment. I spent a total of 5 days in the hospital. I was also told my iron level was so low my red blood cells were exploding. I took 1000mg of iron daily for a little over a month & pain medication for the headaches. I also learned my hypothyroidism was gone!

The headaches finally subsided in January.

When I get a headache now it's really bad. I've also learned that I have memories missing. This I find very disconcerting. Is that normal with meningitis? Memory loss & bad headaches are the leftovers from that experience. I also lost about 8 lbs on top of the 9 gained from all the stuff pumped in me in ICU, which I lost before leaving hospital. There isn't much information on meningitis that I found. I barely remember the spinal tap.

All I know is my doc told me I was very lucky to be alive because my viral load was off the charts. She said if I had been at home they wouldn't have revived me. It took from October to January for me to fully recover.

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  • Hello Rayvenjade

    I contracted meningitis encephalitis in Sept.2016. Mine was West Nile virus. I also ended up in the hospital for six days. I lost 15 pounds in that time and I have NO memories of getting to and staying in the hospital. Im glad I dont remember the lumbar puncture! I ended up in acute rehab for 10 days and then outpatient. Sounds like you were lucky to make it to the hospital.

    It sounds like you are recovered ? Im interested because I still have balance issues, weakness in my right hand, and some retinal damage. I hope u r doing well and Im trying to get some idea of how long recovery takes.



  • It took me months to recover. October to January of 2015 for my energy level to come back & headaches to subside. I have recently learned that I am missing some memories as well.

    I can't imagine the west Nile version, Chicagogirl! Hugs! I'm sure it's been awful! I slept so much I don't remember balance issue......I'm a klutz by nature so I'm not sure I'd have registered it to the meningitis. I hope you get better completely soon!


  • I just had a memory recall! I did have balance problems from severe anemia.

  • Wow. I had no idea anemia could cause that. I assume it is gone now? Good for you 😊

  • Oh yes! Anemia has horrible side effects.

    When I left the hospital, recovering from the meningitis, I was on 1000mg daily of iron. It took about a full month to reach normal levels. I was then told to take the one iron pill daily until my cycle stopped completely due to menopause.. yeah, I'm still taking an iron supplement but I'm on my 3 Ed month without a cycle. I've gone up to 5 months without, then it showed up again. I haven't been regular in about a year now so it will be stopped completely soon I'm sure. My cycles when I have them are very heavy & last 5-7+ days.

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