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My sister has a bacterial meningitis. Help please

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Hello friends and patriots.

My sister was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis 2 days ago. She is 31 years, currently hospitalized and I a coma. I am very worried because this is a difficult time for me. We never had such cases of serious illness in our family. I am sorry because I will give information in bits since I am very far from my family right now. I am in Poland for studies and my family is in Kenya. Receiving such news when far is very shocking. I still cannot fathom.

Today she started medication and we are waiting to see how it turns out since she is in a comma. She is just aggressive and I was told she removed the drip syringe twice twice yesterday and they had to tie her so that she can be medicated. I have read some of your stories and I am a bit encouraged though i don't know how this agony will continue. I am so confused and stressed right now because I am so much depended upon by the family and this tragedy did hit us on our low moments. I would like to hear from more recent cases on how people have handled this disease, what to keenly observe and perhaps what to expect as the medication continues. Also, I would like to hear more information or even direct messages from doctors here on board on how we can go about to tame this disease. I will be very grateful to hear from all of you as your single comments will be equally valuable through this difficult time.

Thank you all for now.

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My sister had bacterial meningitis and was in a coma for close to 3 weeks, she wouldn’t wake up, they kept giving her antibiotics and nothing then one day she just sat up and it seemed like nothing had happened. Don’t be discourage, give it some time for the meds to work. Sending prayers to your sister, you and your family. Janet

Keep your hopes and prayers up. She will definitely come out of COMA and recover. Apart from medications, Family support ,care understanding and a long rest while recovering are the key for her to get back to normal life. At this moment, trust the doctors to do the best.

oh dear im so sorry to hear of your sister I do hope she has a quick recovery well shes in the only place that can help ... the hospitals these days are pretty quick at working out the meningitis so being on the med's is all can happen for now, I hope she comes out of it being her old self again , and can ease your familys pain and worry ... god bless you ... <3

Thank you all for your encouraging messages. Unfortunately we lost her yesterday. Her condition was very serious and she passed on while undergoing treatment. I hope one day we shall overcome this and other dangerous diseases in the world. I hope that healthcare will be more accessible to more people in the world.

I will be active on the website to encourage others and perhaps be in active campaigns and sensitization in helping people affected by this particular disease as a tribute to my sister.

Thank you all.

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Sorry to hear. Wish you all strength to get over this.

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I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. I am so lucky right now to have my sister home recovering and I was reading her your post, she sends her love. I will stay on this site and think of ways to help toward an end to this terrible disease. Our thoughts will remain with you and your family.

I am so sorry to hear of your dear sister's passing. Bacterial meningitis is a horrible disease. From everything I've read , it unfortunately has a high mortality rate when treatment is delayed even 2 days . I am 2 months out from my diagnosis, so far I am improving. I too want to be active in recognition and treatment of this horrible disease. There are only 4100 diagnosed cases in the US every year. So not every hospital or physician has treated or come in contact with an affected patient.

I hope and pray the good memories of your sister will give you comfort and strength now.

Gosh, so sorry. At a loss for words.

I am so sorry for your loss. Bacterial meningitis is a terrible disease & comes on very quickly. I survived but with life-changing after effects. I am no longer able to practice nursing due to hearing loss and vertigo that debilitates me. My prayers are with you and your family.

I, too, am so sorry for you, your sister and the entire family. I think everyone on this site has been shocked when exposed to these sicknesses.

Please feel that you can come here to discuss your pain, due to this tragic loss.

I am dearly sorry for your lost. Sending my condolences to your family. The community is always here for you. Take care of yourself and remember the good times you had together.

so sorry about your sister , I also found out my brother has it too.

he is not doing good at all with meds and found out he has a bad liver .

I myself had bacterial meningitis in April this year I was in the same state, I now suffer with headaches which are controlled with tablets I can walk now up to 5-6 miles a day, as I was informed by the doctors you have to think positive and it will help you to cope with this , my thoughts are with you take care Geoff 🤞

I'm new to the site and would encourage you to keep hope alive - Prayers, Patience and persistent medical intervention. How is she now?

I will share more of my story as I familiarise myself with the group. I pray for strength of the family with your sister.

My condolences.

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