has anyone suffered sinuses problems post meningitis?

I appreciate that I can get all the normal stuff like viruses but I cant seem to shake the sinusitis (since May) and after 4 different antibiotics no change. Cant put my head down and feel constantly sore around my nose and face with obvious breathing problems associated. Only thing seems to help a bit is a vick or olbas oil inhaler (old fashioned thing you put in your nostril and inhale), Thanks to anyone reading this who has suffered the same problems.

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  • I always had sinus problems, but they are definitely worse now. If you get a neti pot or something similar it helps a lot. When I keep them cleared out it helps to not get infections. There are special rinses also.

  • many thanks for advice, I never did have sinusitis and its quite new to me... miserable though! I never heard of a neti pot.. is it like menthol in hot water over a bowl with a towel? Thanks for answering

  • Ok, I know it sounds horrible , but once you get use to it, it will be your best friend. It is a system that you have to lean over sink and pour water up through nasal passages. There are many different systems, so find one you are comfortable with. I assure you it works wonderfully.

  • I don't really have sinus problems as such but when I do they really affect my balance [one ear with no hearing at all due to meningitus]. I rely on a Vic stick when necessary. Seems to work quite well.

    Good luck.

  • you are doing the right things, you cannot beat the old remedies also peppermint oil on your radiator

    before you go to bed helps

  • thanks Tiga will try the peppermint oil on the radiator,havent heart of that one. Always something new on this website eh?.

    I do have another question which someonemay be able to answer? I seem to have developed food allergies. Fro someone who could go to Mexico and eat from the street vendors I have become this pathetic soil who has to ask if there is MSG in any of the food! I get all the usual symptoms of food poisoning plus feeling really wiped and in a sorry state for myself. I have checked out the glutamate problem on line and see it is a neurotransmitter, so not surprising really I guess. However just wondered whether there is anyone else out there. I did try the hayfever meds (not the non drowsy type) which may have helped slightly, except you sleep for a day! Any ideas will be most welcome. Dont you just HATE that MSG? yuk

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