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Temper problems 1 year post bacterial meningitis

Hi all, I am hoping there is someone on here that might be able to help me or tell me where I can get advice. 

My 14 month old contracted bacterial meningitis (haemophalus influenzae) nearly 1 year ago at the age of 11 weeks. She thankfully made a full recovery but is still under physio as being so poorly had some knock on effects on her physical development.  Since around 8 months old, her behaviour has changed. Thinking it was just a phase we mentioned it at her paed appointment last month and he disregarded it as anything important and discharged her from consultant care. Nursery have asked me to speak to my health visitor (I have booked an appt) because they are concerned about her temperament, how aggressive she can be and also how anxious she is to be separated from the one particular staff member she has a connection to. When I say separated I mean put down less than 30cm from her key worker. She can be aggressive towards my other child at home too, if she isn't getting my full attention when she wants it. She is unable to calm herself down, and bangs her head and face on the floor a lot. I have the orange book from meningitis now and I read about behaviour changes. Please can anyone tell me where I can get advice or tell me the possibility of the two being linked. I am due to start a very intensive uni course in September, so I need to help my little one before then if I can. Thank you x

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Hi! Im sure that you have done the right thing in contacting your health visitor. They can usually refer you to the correct person/agency. Through our health visitor we were able to have a key worker that visited the house to monitor how we were doing and also a lady from CAMHS. She was able to point out different ways of dealing with my sons behaviour. I've been through the head banging with my son, walls floors and radiators as well as head butting other people. It can be very frustrating! Good Luck with everything and I hope you get answers very soon x


Thanks for your experience, my Health Visitor is back in tomorrow so hopefully she will be able to come and see us next week. It makes me sad as nursery have said that they will consider leaving her to get on with it, but this isn't how we parent and also I am worried about the long term impact that an unsympathetic childcare provider will have on her. x


I would contact the meningitis now helpline ASAP,


Meningits aftercare is a specialist area and they will be able to advise and liase with any health professionals, and maybe go back to the consultant.

Although I had bacterial meningitis in my 30's the mood swings and aggression are as you described..  Going from deep depression to unexplained happiness to aggression. (I threw a glass across the room at my own mother, which is not ME at all) 

The hospital gave no real aftercare (just a letter from ITU 6 months after discharge.. We actually heard of Meningitis Now (then the Meningitis trust) from the local butcher! 

The mood swings did ease off and I had specialist therapy via the Meningitis trust.

Give them a call today.. Your not alone.



Thank you for your reply. I considered phoning them the other day, but I wondered whether I was a) imagining the link between meningitis and temper issues and b) taking valuable time away from other families in need. I feel so relieved because she has survived obviously, but wondering when I can stop worrying about the future. She has suddenly changed, and it's really hard to watch. Thanks again, glad you are doing well.


I will definitely give them a call later :-)

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They offer help to families for as long as is needed.  Hope all goes well. 



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