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Did anyone suffer from numbness and tingling in their body during recovery?

I was diagnosed with viral meningitis this past August and was hospitalized for four days. Within a month I started to regain my strength and went back to work. I did still battle some neck/back numbness and tingling and occasional headaches. fwo months after discharge I was feeing almost back to normal. Now 3 months later I am starting to experience a tingling sensation on my cheeks, lips, arms, legs, and feet. I am awaiting results of a brain MRI right now. I 'm just curious if others out there have experienced numbness and tingling during their meningitis recovery or if I may be dealing with something else. Thanks!

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Yes, I too had numbness and tingling to my feet about 6 months post viral meningitis I was admitted and had all the usual tests, scans etc. They queried MS, Guillian Barre etc.. but nothing was conclusive so I assume it was part of the illness, though nobody I saw had a clue. I do still have a strange sensation (light tingling, light numbness) over my head and face and its a similar sensation to neck problems when peripheral nerves in the neck are being squeezed.. by soft tissue etc. As a result of knowing this as a physio I guess I havent worried too much about it, but it is quite definitely there...not that any medical staff I have seen over the time have commented or been concerned about it, not sure if this is ignorance or the fact it doesnt all fit into the "box" of symptoms which give diagnoses! I would also say that if the numbess is both legs and arms and not unilateral it should at least be investigated thoroughly personally. Hope it recovers soon.


Yes, you are quite correct. It's one of the after effects of meningitis. I had bacteria meningitis and septicaemia last year's October. It was really a bad experience. I lost my hearing completely on both ears, had encephalitis, suffered multiple debridements and lost all my toes. I had numbness in my hands and feet even up till now. I was told that because of the sepsis, I suffered ischaemic hands and gangrenous feet which led to neuropathy, that is, damaging of some nerves endings. I hope the damaged nerves would grow again. I have got back my fingers through occupational therapies and exercises but I am yet to regain function on my feet I wish you well. You will improve with time. Time and exercises are the healers of neuropathy

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Yes, I too had numbness and tingling to my leags and feet about 2 months post viral meningitis. I was admitted and had all the usual tests, scans etc. .. but to my surprise nothing was conclusive so I assume it was part of the illness recovery. I don't have this problem anymore but I remember it happened every time I would nod my head forward. Well it's been 4 years now and I haven't looked back since so I wish you the best luck with a quick recovery.


Very glad to hear youve recovered! This is interesting because I wake typically now witha kind of buzzing tingly thing in my hands, as well as headache and heavy feeling tiredness...

It's crazy how little I have been told. The NHS page says VM takes up to 10 days to recover from. I wish! Let's see if we can find 1 person who fits that description.




I had bm in may 2010. Ever since I have numbness and tingling in my right lower leg, pins and needles in my right foot and numbness and tingling mainly at night in my lower arms, it wakes me several times in the night. I was admitted to hospital a couple of months after the original meningitis as my leg had been numb for 48hours solid and I had recently been on an aeroplane. The doctors were querying a dvt but did tests and it wasn't. They did all the usual nerve tests on my leg and it never reacted not even to that hammer test they do. I was then sent for nerve conduction tests that came back normal, no other tests have been done as I think the doctors think I'm making it up. It is really annoying waking up during the night with no feeling in my arms or legs. The only good thing is when my leg is numb I get pins and needles in my foot so I know where my foot is so can still walk even if it is a strange walk! I have had an MRI scan on my brain and my back as there was thought that I had a prolapsed disk which could of caused it but apparently all clear. Getting used to living with all my effects now as not really getting answers from anyone. Doesn't really help but making best out of a bad situation!


Hi. I had bacterial meningitis and sepsis 12 years ago. It took me a about 2 years to feel anywhere near normal. After two years I started to experience tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. I have a good neurologist who says it is peripheral neuropathy. I take amitriptyline tablets and have just had a nerve conduction test which came out normal. The burning sensation has also started in my shins and knees. It is always at its worst at nighttime making falling asleep quite impossible. I find if I am stressed the pain becomes unbearable and I get the tingling in my lip and face on one side. Exercise seems to aggravate my feet even more. I am convinced the BM has caused this condition.


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