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Chronic Meningitis because of an insect?

After 9 months they finally diagnosed my numbness and nerve pains. Chronic meningitis. Does anybody that has been bitten by an insect in the Seychelles experienced a chronic meningitis as well. Because my neurologist does not believe that the cause of my chronic meningitis is a virus or a bacteria. And does anybody has that diagnose by an auto-immune defect. I am really wondering.... Tanja

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I'm interested in your diagnosis as I too am of the opinion that meningitis can be caused by things other than virus or bacteria. I'm a neuroscientist and would appreciate hearing more of what your specialist is saying.

Hope you feel better soon.


Hi ShannanLouise, my specialist will plan more research as he is thinking about auto-immune cause or indeed an insect bite that I got in the Seychelles last year. He is co-working with the tropical institute in my country. I will keep you posted. Thank you very much for your reply.


Meningitis itself is purely 'inflammation of the meninges'. It could be caused by many things the most common and widely accepted of these being viral or bacterial. I would like to investigate whether MRI brain scans can adversely affect some people, causing meningeal inflammation and all the symptoms typical of BM or VM. Do please keep me informed as to how your specialist progresses with his investigation.

It is good to hear that Russ survived and had such a good initial recovery although very concerning that symptoms are returning now.

I too had meningitis in 2013 and nearly lost my right leg. Unlike Russ, I was completely disabled for over 2 years, unable to bear any light or sound and no movement (not even walking and certainly not cars etc). Unable to watch TV or listen to the radio or use a phone still, almost 4 years post-BM. A hideous, traumatic illness.

But both you and Russ sound as though you're making much swifter recoveries and I wish you both the very very best.



Hi Tanya,

I had Meningococcal meningitis septicaemia caused by an insect bite to my finger.

Although very very lucky to have survived, I fought back and was originally left with numbness in my upper right leg.

6 months later I even returned to full work duties.

But near 12 months later, things started to go wrong - The leg numbness is still there, I suffer with confusion, judgement, slowness, occassional speech issues and fatigue.

I also have this irritating issue where my arm and hand will bop up and down, 2 or 3 times during a day and takes great effort at times to stop.

I am also keen to see if others have similar issues after recovery.




Hi Russ, I am sorry to hear you are still struggling. After nine months I was diagnosed with chronic meningitis. During these months I had and still have numbness in my left upper arm and left upper leg. In my right leg there is nerve pain during 24 hours. I even take heavy painkillers in my sleep, because I wake up because of this nerve pain. Strange enough I still function normally. No confusion, no headache. Only fatigue and nauseous. My specialist needs to do more examinations to find the cause. It could be an auto-immune attack as well. Maybe in your case you developed an auto-immune attack as wel. Wishing you all the strength possible and a complete recovery in time.




I am im the U.S . I am almost 4 months post Viral M. Which was caused by a mosquito


Hi Becca, where did you get that mosquito bite. In the States or somewhere else?


I got bit here in the states , connecticut where I live ..spending the day a local park . Was sick by the end of the day


Hi, I also live in CT. I got VM about a month ago. Not sure how. I was in pretty bad shape the first week and half.

Felt much better last week, but I'm still having eye pain and dizziness. I'm also having a hard time finding my words when I speak. Or I'm saying the wrong words. Example. I have to put away the toaster. I said, put away the popcorn.


These are typical after effects ..I was super disoriented , blurry vision , hearing , speaking wrong or messed up words ... short term memory loss ..etc I still agouldnt be in the kitchen lol because I still puy a meal on the stove then walk away and completely forgot about it. I am in my fourth months since vm and things have improved tremendously😊


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