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Did anyone feel or have this? And will it get better?


Around 7 weeks ago I was diagnosed with meningitis. I wasn’t able to walk on my legs but I can feel them. At this present time I am able to walk but not far and stay in my home most of the time.

I had 3 lumber punctures and my back isn’t able to do much due to pain and being restricted. My arms are weak and I have been having panic attacks.

I have consent pains and weird feelings.

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Hi, I suffered from meningitis for almost 4 to 5 years. I couldn't walk. It's almost a year after I got out of this virus and now I can walk but not for long. Still I have numbness kind of feelings on all my toes. Doctors suggested to take enough rest and try walking everyday. Looks. Like I am getting better

Don't know how long its going to take to recover. Hoping for the best and continuing my daily walk and rest. Hope you will get better soon. If you or anyone has any other suggestions please share.

Mimilondon in reply to NPRocky

Hi there,

I have been doing tiny stretches every other day which has helped a little, lots of ice and deep heat to just to stop the pain and discomfort. There are slight improvements some days but by Thursday I’m back to being very weak again.

I’m just keeping positive and this group helps. Thank u guys for ur reply and yes definitely lucky x

Hi I am coming up to two years post bacteria meningitis like you I found it hard to walk shower and sit up but it takes time to get to where I am today. I just done a little at a time, I know you feel like it will never get better but it will in time. I had it in the beginning of May and it took to end of August to Be able to drive my car because of the dizzy spells. Don’t get me wrong I don’t ever think I will be like I was before but I have got used to the new me. Enjoy your new life we are lucky to of survived this awful disease. I was 57 when this hit me. Hope this helps take care xx

My concern is work too, as I am the main support financially in my house hold and this gone on for months and years. Is there any support?

Thank you. I will try ice cubes. I have a feeling that ice cubes and little massage around toes might help. I will post the status after couple of months.


I think we all have to accept that the effect on each of us differs from person to person and according to which nerves in our body are either killed or damaged. I am deaf, immobile, doubly incontinent with impaired eyesight and with no sexual feeling. 18 months today since my BM attack and the only thing that has changed is my eyesight. The neurological discomfort is considerable in my legs and body.

I am so sorry to hear this has happened X

If there is any information that I find out that might helps, I will let you know.

Keep being strong

Hi I was diagnosed with VM on the 19th of December 2019.

I’ve had two lumbar punctures, both with extremely high pressure readings - 37 and 27.

My speech was horrendous after last lumbar puncture on the 21st of February.

I have excruciating pain in right arm, left arm isn’t so bad but still painful.

Pain in legs and back area around LP location.

Eye sight is damaged and still have sensitivity to sound and light.

I’ve been to see my consultant today and I’m being referred to a neurologist and I’m having a MRI appointment before seeing the neurologist.

I had BM around 5 years ago and believe me it does get better. I am able to work full time but with this Coronavirus outbreak work is scarce. You may not want to be out in the community with a compromised immune system.

I also had panic attacks but In time you will feel like you again.

My advice to you is take each day as it comes enjoy your rest period. Eat well, spend time with family and friends if you can as this will help you to remain positive.

Write in a diary about your progress so you can reflect later as to what you have achieved.

Can I ask where your located? I think if you are in the UK there is some sort of financial support. No support here in NZ.

Take care and hope you begin to feel better soon.

Mimilondon in reply to kirsty40

Thank you for your message. I live in the UK it’s very strange one minute I slightly feel normal and then it all reminds me that M was here.

Thanks very positive and I’ll keep going and resting.

When I left hospital in September 2016 I couldn't stand or walk at all for six months, my legs just went into spasms of trembling with no strength in them at all. I quickly discovered there is no help or aftercare out there so it was a case of persisting on my own or becoming completely immobile. I'd also lost my balance and was constantly dizzy. I finally contacted a private physiotherapist who specialised in treating balance and mobility problems. She made a full assessment and gave me exercises to do 3x day at home and monitored my progress once a week initially. She charged £40.00. for 45 minutes and was worth every penny of this. Things did start to improve and after 12 months I could walk 3 miles without weaving and staggering too much, and although the trembling didn't disappear, it was reduced considerably. I would strongly recommend going down this route as even in good times the NHS is stretched beyond belief and simply sitting at home being immobile with no plan can be very depressing and demoralising.

As I’ve said before, our bodies and the nerves in them are attacked in different ways. I am now just over 18 months on from my main attack. I was lucky to survive but it’s like I’ve had a series of mini attacks since. Wheelchair bound, have been told I won’t walk again, deaf and eyesight impaired. Medication is adjusted but I’m mostly quite uncomfortable. Just having to make the best of it. Will be trying acupuncture and cannabis oil. Have just had a stoma fitted which has improved things. Back home after another 7 weeks in hospital. I self catheterise. Best of luck to everyone. We all have our own different trials according to which nerves have been damaged or destroyed in our bodies.

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