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Tingling and numbness post VM


I was diagnosed VM caused by HSV January 2016. Recovery in general has been slow but good and I'm beginning to have more days of feeling well and normal again... A new normal :)

I have noticed that since I have become more 'mobile' again, that I have been experiencing tingling, pins and needles and a certain amount if numbness down my left side, particularly my lower leg and foot. Sometimes I get tingling in my lower arm and hand on the left side too. It usually follows after I've been walking any distance. The right side of the body seems completely unaffected. I've been to the GP and he didn't seem to know what it could be. He checked all reflexes which seemed to react normally. I'm really quite worried, and just wondered if anyone out there has had the same? Please help?

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Hi Clara_Bell, glad to here that you are making progress with your recovery. I would not stress too much over the tingling/numbness. I'm post VM 2.5 years & still experience tingling/numbness. When I over exert myself by bike riding or other forms of exercise, it is more prevelant. Try not to push yourself to hard , Be sure to stay hydrated, super important, as well as proper rest. Also, I would call the healthunlocked helpline & speak with the professionals! It's only been a few months for you & it truly takes a while to start feeling yourself again!!

Hope this helps, all the best!!


Clara_Bell44 in reply to Mdroney

Thanks for taking the time to reply. It's reassuring to hear that I'm not alone, and these symptoms aren't unheard of. The doctor was none the wiser!

Best wishes and hope you are feeling well.

Not the same but recovery is slow and different for everyone. Take it slow and keep expectations low.

Hi when I had VM I got that on my left side of my mouth at first I thought I was having a stroke It did go as I recovered

Hi Clara_Bell44, I have exactly the same thing with a numb and weaker left side and pins and needles. My neurologist says it is a functional weakness caused by the severity of the migraine I have been left with since having VM. I am to start having physio to help the functional weakness. You can google functional weakness and find explanations about it. Massaging my foot helps the numbness. Hope this helps.

Hi there!! Thank you for replying. That really does seem to make sense! I've looked up functional weakness and it does have some useful information. I'll mention this to the neurologist next time I see him. Many thanks

If you are having severe Migraine, I had the Daith ear piercing which has had an amazing effect, virtually no headache since and off all medication. It might be worth you looking into.

Sorry for the late reply! I've heard of this piercing. Wow! I suffer from severe headaches, but did pre VM too. Certainly be worth me looking into, thank you for the advice.

hello clara

i had vm in 2013. i to have pins and needles down my left side. i was qite bad when i got out of hospital with a lot of problems walking over a year and halve it has gotten a little better but still has weekness or pins and needles. it sure is taking a long time.

Sorry to hear that you are still having problems with pins and needles. Interested to know if you had any explanation from the professionals about this? 

hello clara:  and how are you feeling?  i have to go for a brain mri this week as they have seen something on the brain and this was first noticed when i got meningitis.  the last 2 days have been terrible for my legs. they are like jello on  the top then if they give in i fall. from knee down it is pins and needles.  how are you feeling this.  i don't call it pain. Let me know how this affects you. Barbara

I do wish you well with your MRI scan, and that you can find a way forward with these pins and needles. My symptoms are made worse by activity, walking, swimming etc. The pins and needles are more prominent when I flex my neck. I'm awaiting an MRI appointment now. 

Hi Clara,

I have Mollarets, had the tingling and numbness. 4 times hospitalized . First time in 2004... Third time went completely numb up to my ribs. After months and months of feeling terrible. Had trouble walking, tired beyond tired. I’m a very hyper, happy goofy person. My mother calls me the energizer bunny. So I had everyone scared. This was back in 2006. I was lucky enough to have a friend whose father was a retired research doctor. He looked at all my health records and all the tests. There was a lot to look at. MRI’s all the spinal taps.... blood work you name it. I was at the doctors all the time. He suggested I have my neurologist check my B12. He felt it was low. Thankfully my neurologist agreed my number was 268. At this point I had no feeling in my toes .... none at all. I was also having issues breathing. I had white spots on my brain a leason on my spinal cord My GP argued with the neurologist about it. She agreed to give me a shot of B12. Within 24 hours I started to recover feeling in my upper body and within 48 hours I felt my feet for the first time in over 5 months. Within 6 months time the white spots on my brain were gone and the leason on my spinal cord was gone. I was great. I was getting B12 shots once a month. Then my GP decided to cut it back to once every 3 months. Within 4 months I was back in the ER with VM. 3 Days I was out... My Husband begged them to check my B12. On the 3rd. Day they gave me a shot. I woke up within hours. This was when they diagnosed me with Mollaret and Pernicious Anemia. 2007 since then I take B12 shots once a week and have avoided VM. My toes still tingle a little.... I’ve lost hearing, but I have not had another episode of VM since. Just something you might want your doctor to check out.

Clara_Bell44 in reply to Cbk6660

Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply. Thankfully, since the time of writing, the tingling and numbness has now all cleared up. I do take B12 daily, but naturally not to the same dosage I imagine you have in the shots.. it’s really interesting to hear your story and good to know that it has helped you in a very big way. Mollarets has been suggested to me by my neurologist. I’ve had two further attacks of severe and enduring headaches, neck pain, generally feeling very unwell, however further lumbar punctures have been inconclusive, so no diagnosis for me. I really hope that you are able to stay VM free. Good luck with everything

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