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10 months post BM


Hi everyone,

I got BM and septicaemia on 3 September 2017. I recovered well and was discharged on 12 September, returned to NZ (from UK) and was back to work (desk job) in November and also returned to weightlifting. I was feeling back to normal but Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed headaches, increase in tinnitus and fatigue.

I went to my doctor who gave me a low dose of amitriptyline to prevent headache but I haven’t managed to take this consistently. She said if they continue then she will refer me to neurology.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy and tired to the point where I’ve not gone into work.

Wondering if I got back into work and gym too soon and now it’s all catching up with me? Or if it’s unrelated.

Any thoughts or similar experiences are welcome.

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Hi Sarah

Sorry to hear about your experience. I have also had bacterial meningitis and septicaemia around 3 years ago. I have only started to go back to the gym now.

Although I walk most days. I also live in NZ!

I probably didn’t start to work full time for about 8 months. I did try to go back to the gym but my head still was not right. Everyone is different in terms of their recovery. My doctor told me you will know when you are ready to get back into exercise. I’m at the point now that I can slowly jog. But feel very tired the next day.

I also had fatigue a few months ago and my doctor told me it was my iron levels. Now I’m on tablets for 3 months! I had blood tests of course that showed this was the case.

I hope my story helps you Sarah!

Best of luck with your recovery.

Thinking of you.

I had BM 10 years ago, well it ended up being meningoencephalitis. Fatigue was a BIG issue, tinnitus too :-( Anyway, I had 4 months away from work and even then only went back part time for another 2 months. From memory it was at least 12 months feeling the effects.

My Dr said to me, if you feel tired sleep. It's a running joke in the family that I can sleep at the drop of a hat! Now, I have mastered the 15 minute snooze (at home not work!) and that really recharges the batteries.

But yeah, it's quite a hill to climb recovering. I'd definitely really take it as easy as you can for as long as you can. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's a serious illness, and one some people don't survive.

You survived, as did I and it's something which I'm very proud of and something I tell people at every opportunity :-) Much to the annoyance of my family ;-)

Someone just has to say "You look tired" and that's my queue for a 30 minute explanation of the illness, treatment and how close I came to death lol - it cheers me up anyway. Naturally that person will never say I look tired again...

BTW i was on anti-epilepsy tablets for 12 months after..I do remember having a constant headache for at least 3 months post.

All the best, you're on the road to recovery..


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