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Post bacterial meningitis headaches


Hi everyone,

I had bacterial Meningitis last September. I fortunately didn’t have any permanent damage and am recovering well. I went back to work in November. I’m writing because over the last week I’ve been experiencing daily headaches. Feels like a build up of pressure at the front of my head. It’s not debilitating but it’s making me nervous. Is there any need for repeat scans or me to see a dr? Or is this just residue headaches?

Any comments welcome.



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Hi Sarah..Glad to hear that you’re recovering well from your bout of Bacterial Meningitis, without any permanent damage. I, too, recovered from bacterial meningitis and sepsis back in June 2016 and, very thankfully, as like yourself, have not experienced any lasting after-effects. It was the ongoing headaches which persisted with me also, for several months, but they did eventually fade away, much to my relief. Our brains have taken quite a battering with this disease and it does take some time for things to, hopefully, settle down. I do wish you well and would like to reassure you that, in most cases, these headaches do diminish over time. Obviously, if they persist, it would be worth getting this checked out with your doctor. Sounds like you’re doing brilliantly. Try not to be nervous, but let time be your healer. All the best.


Sarahlbt in reply to Dodgepot55

Thanks Roger. Sometimes all I need is a bit of reassurance. This has helped ☺️

I had a constant headache for about 4 months after suffering meningoencephalitis (I'm impressed I can still spell it!). I can still remember the day I woke up and didn't have a headache. I suffered from what I describe as a "fog" for about 12 months after. It wasn't a pain, but as if my head was full of, well, fog :-)

It was explained to me that after BM there's still a lot of activity sparking around the brain, like little electrical storms and it takes a while to "settle down".

Now, 10 years on, I'm still a "headachie" person, but not as often and perfectly manageable with ibuprofen, which I'm never without, just in case...

The best thing that happened to me, post meningitis, was when I went back to see a specialist (after about 2 months) he shook me by the hand and congratulated me for surviving. That was really something for me personally, it was like "Ok, I'm not ill anymore, I'm a strong person, I'm a survivor and I'm recovering.."

So, congratulations on surviving and I hope your recovery continues, slowly but surely...


Hexy in reply to gb93616

I'm very happy for you, really i am. I had the exact same thing, I'm still suffering headaches balance problems memory loss, back problems stemming from idiot doing lumbar puncture. I was in Hospital for 3months, then day release twice a week for 2 years, I envy you. That was 25 years ago!

I am guessing that this is a side effect that has finally surfaced for you. If it continues, you will want to get it checked out, probably by a neurologist. You may be given medications to help control the headaches. Remember that your body went through quite an experience fighting off the meningitis! Your brain is still recovering. When a headache happens, it may help you to get some extra sleep. Don't push yourself too hard. You've survived a major illness!

You might just be doing to much, Sarah. From my experience I wouldn't feel too concerned that it's something life threatening but I know how debilitating (and annoying!) headaches can be. My advice if they continue is to try acupuncture. It worked better for me than any pills or potions! Good luck Heather

Thanks Heather. I am quite a busy person so will try to remember to relax! I do find it’s when I’m tired that I get the worst ones. I’m looking into therapy too and will

Keep acupuncture in mind. Thanks everyone :)

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