9 Months post BM,baby currently 12 months old

Hi everyone.

I was wondering wether another baby,child or aduld who had BM and has recoved, had apetite issues.

My daughter had BM at 40 days old and got out of the hospital at 2,5months. Since then she had serius issues in drinking her milk. As time was passing and she was getting older, we tried to give her cerial and food proper for her age. she is refusing to eat anything and she has a really difficult behaviour by just sitting in her high chair and by just seing the spoon. Even after many hours of not putting anything in her mouth she still refuses to eat.

Has anyone had a similar experience? am really worried and i would appreciate some advices and guidelines on what to'do, what specialist to ask help from etc.

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  • Hi,I can imagine who stressfull loss of appetite can be. But if I may ask,During her doctor visit at 4 months and 6 months....did the doctor do all tests on her to confirm she did t develop any side effects?? Could you also maybe visit her doctor once more??

  • Yes we are visiting her dr regularly but no particular tests have been made. Do you have something in mind?

  • Nothing in mind but it's good to know the doc gave her a green light! With the appetite loss,hopefully she will pick it up as she grows. Hopefully someone with a similar experience on this site will check your post. Wish you strength!!

  • To be honest i feel disapointed with the drs here because they seem not to facing this as something serious. For me,as a mother,this is serious.

    Yes hopefully someone can give me some guidance.

  • Hi, my son had BM at 1 day old. Not sure if it was the meningitis/antibiotics as it didn't developed until after he was discharged but he had lots of issues with feeds. Turned out he's allergic to cows milk protein. Since swapping milk he's a totally different baby.

  • Hi quile,glad your son is doing good. how old is he now?

    My daughter was diagnosed with damage in the esophagus (dont know the english word for this) right after her returning home after her recovery from meningitis. She had therapy for that and started drinking her milk'with no screaming. however, when'we started cereal,cream and food she seemed like not wanting to eat. The past two months she seem to have no apetite at all and no dr pays attention when i mention this..she doesnt eat and she has developed a realy bad behaviour by just sitting in her high chair..

  • Hello, the same happened to my cousin who has TB meningitis, I mean no appetite at all. I was disapointed because doctors didn't take this serious. Unfortunatelly, after this she was so weak that the TB infected other organs, then they used a nasal tube to feed her. Gradually she has been getting better, eating is an important deal to recover from BM. Also, I suggest that you take your child to a neurologist to discard that she has dysphagia (which is curable with particular exercises). All the best.

  • Thank you Valeria. She doesnt seem to be in pain when swalloing so i think it is not dysphagia. How'long after your cousin recovered from meningitis was that he had no apetite at all?

  • Dear euagelia, my cousin started the treatment 3 months ago and she recently got out of the hospital. Unfortunately her TB complicated, then the intensive phase of her treatment was doubled, still has no apetite at all. In home we feed her via a tube that goes directly to her stomach. She has been recovering very gradually the ability to swallow, starting with water. But she never experienced any pain when swalloing. I recall her behaviour with food was the same you described with your child, just observing the spoon and refusing to eat.

  • Many thanks for this Valeria. i will give a hint to our neurologist then.

    Hope your cousin gets better day by day..

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