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Normal symptoms


I was diagnosed with viral menegitis 12 weeks ago. This has been the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

My question is I still have pain in my legs/tiredness. Normal? Head hurts with activity? The more I'm on my feet the more pressure I feel in my ears as well as equilibrium issue? I made it back to work two weeks ago but I feel like I should be so much further in recovery. I'm always tired but don't sleep the same. I dream all the time now and toss and turn through the night.

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Recovery looks different for many people. Some have long lasting symptoms, and others can recover more quickly. If you are still having these symptoms I would recommend plenty of rest and let your medical providers know you are still having these symptoms. A lot of doctors think it isn't a very big deal, but that just isn't true.

I am about 1 year out from West Nile viral meningencephalitis. It was, like you, the hardest thing I have ever experienced. However, I have slowly improved. More noticeable improvement in the beginning, and now more incremental. I hope to get as close to my old normal as possible.

You are experiencing symptoms as I had. I found that the more tired I was, the worse the symptoms. I had to limit and plan my activities to make sure I didnt run out of energy. If I did, the balance and other issues were worse. This has gotten better but still is an issue.

Sleep is crucial and harder to get. However my insomnia has slowly improved, as have the weird dreaming.

Be patient. 12 weeks is not enough time for most people. Find someone who knows what they're doing (medically). When I started asking various doctors, I found that although they sounded like they knew what they were dealing with, apparently I was the only WNV menigoencephalitis patient they had ever had!

Best wishes for a full recovery.

Hi there , I'm new to all this just one week in but I also seem to be having silly dreams . My left leg is also numb and restless . Reading everyone's posts is a real insight to the long road ahead. Today is a tough one , I can't concentrate n feel so useless . Your post has just made me see I need to get on with it and today is just a low one. Tomorrow will hopefully be better I wish u all the best

Sara X

Please take more time to heal, look at urself like u have suffered a traumatic brain injury, affecting your entire body. BAlance issues are real,you may also experience a feeling of being overwhelmed with noises & bright lites. Legs become weak , headaches, fatigue, and will long for the person that you were before this illness. It's been 1 1/2 years for me, it's significantly improved, but still residuals of VM exsist. Have patience , wishing you the best, please take care!


Ubmadon in reply to sonnerkay

Hi Sonnerkay. Can you tell me how you are now, it is 5 months later now.

sonnerkay in reply to Ubmadon

Good days, bad days, less time searching for answers & accepting each day for what it may bring. I still hope for stability, not as fearful that VM will strike again. still not able to drive....vertigo. My family is raised, I’m retired, I feel fortunate for less stress in that area of my life.

Take care


It's been a few months since my original post. I have come along way, I am right at the 9 month mark and have seen improvements. I no longer get headaches or neck stiffness. For the most part my vision has fully returned and I have no issues reading. I am so thankful for a God who cares and watched over his children!

I have a question though. Up until the last two weeks and I could feel my old self coming back. I started to get a cold last week and it or something else has really knocked me back. I am dizzer and much much weaker again. Is this part of the recovery process or am I sliding back toward the deep end again. It had really depressed me and worried me that I will go back to being more less bed ridden. Has anyone else experienced the ups and downs. How long? Will it keep getting better?

could you please let us know how do you feel now??

Thank you

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