Feels like a hangover.....VM

I was diagnosed with VM 3 weeks ago & was in hospital for 6 days & have been at home now for 2 weeks recovering. I am now at a stage where I feel a lot better but have this hangover feeling. It's the only way I can describe it. It feels like I'm suffering the after effects of a few drinks. I have an ongoing headache which is more annoying than painful & just feel groggy. Not 100% but not poorly so I feel like I should go back to work. Anyone else feel like this?

Last week I felt very emotional too but that's improved this week.

Thanks all, Alli

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  • Morning Alli. My situation is pretty similar to you, I spent 8 days in hospital with VM although I suffered complications from the lumbar puncture also. I was discharged on 8th Feb and I'm still having days now where I feel groggy first thing and have very little motivation (not easy with 3 little ones) but luckily have a fantastic husband and mother in law who have been an amazing help. I'm still off work at the minute. Just take your time rest when you can and take things slow. Good luck with your recovery Marie

  • Thanks Marie! I have no kids to look after which I expect must be tough! Hope you feel better soon too!

  • Hi AlliG - I was so sorry to hear that you've been in hospital with VM but very glad you are back home now recovering.

    I had viral meningitis with encephalitis back in August 2011 and was hospitalised in an Isolation Room for 12 days - not a lot of fun!

    It is going to take you some time to feel stronger again, as I believe we forget that this awful virus has attacked the lining that surrounds and protects our brains, causing it to become inflamed, which in turn causes enormous pressure in our head. This inflammation needs time to repair and, as Mrs_greenall says, rest is essential and taking each day as it comes; we all recuperate at a different pace.

    I was eventually referred to a neurologist, as the head pains were troubling me and I also had real problems with sensitivity to light, sound and balance - I had trouble using stairs and escalators, and walking on uneven surfaces.

    My neurologist found, via several tests inc a special MRI, that the post-effects from my illness had left me with a silent form of severe migraneous attacks. He prescribed me Topiramate, which I am still taking today, and the relief was almost instantaneous.

    He then referred me for neuro-physiotherapy for my balance and dizziness issues and I'm happy to say, that in the main, I'm a lot better now.

    I think what I've been trying to say here AlliG is that we all experience this dreadful disease in our own particular way, and being the unique individuals that we are, we respond differently to how quickly we heal, how well we accept treatments and generally return to better health. However, the main things that we do all seem to agree on are: Rest, Listen to your own body and 'Pace' yourself.

    You are still in the very early stages of recovery so, try not to expect too much too soon. Take care of yourself and I hope you enjoy your weekend. Best wishes. X

  • Hi , I am recovering from my fourth attack of VM , I also have ME . I am a dab hand at this now and the best advice I can give you is listen to your body . Take time out , relax and let your body recover. I have been off work for a month and am going back in on Monday . I am an emotional wreck but work colleagues are used to that now ha ha . I still have dizziness and my balance is an issue but take it slow , do what you can and try not to beat yourself up over it . ( I wish I could take my own advice 😊)

    It is a cruel , horrible illness but although I have never got my complete energy back and I don't feel like the person I once was I am still here to tell the tale . Take care . Christine x

  • I recognise the same symptoms from when I was diagnosed with VM back in October 2015. The grogginess was especially bad first thing, mine has passed now and happens only occasionally. It does ease but it takes time and although I felt much better within a few weeks it's taken a long time to really build up my strength and stamina. I've had to learn to take things slow, listen to my body, rest lots and not overdo it. Hope your recovery is a good one and health returns soon. All the best.

  • Hello,

     I was hospitalized for 8 days in February this year with viral meningitis. I spent one week at home then began a return to work program with my employer. Using short term disability I was able to work part time in varying degrees and just completed my first week back full time. I have Vimovo prescribed to me that I can take when needed to help with that ashy migraine hangover feeling. The main challenge for me has been emotional. Coming to terms with what happened and losing a lot of motivation made me concerned about depression. I reached out to a counsellor for support which has really helped recovery. 

    I hope this helps! Best thing I did was ease back into work 3 days a week 5 hours , then 4 days, then 5 days. We gradually increased the hours till I hit full time. Counselling is my second recomendation. This can be classified as trauma, the illness and hospitalization. The fear and stress of it all. The pain and exhaustion. It takes a toll emotionally and mentally. So please reach out for support. Finally pain meds for your pain, modern medicine is beautiful that way! 

    Best of luck on your recovery:) 

  • Thank you all for your advice. I'm still having headaches but blood tests have revealed my b12 & vit D are very low so that's prob not helped the fatigue. Getting there! 

  • I was diagnosed with VM on 5/2/16, spent 4 days in the hospital, and have been home 3 weeks now. I still have headaches, although they are getting less severe, and have that "hangover" feeling often. Today I have the feeling that my ears are clogged.

    I am very lucky that I can take time off from work and don't have any young children at home, so I can indulge myself in resting. I am hopeful that my recovery will not take months, but am resigned that it might.

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