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Bm new after symptoms

Hi everyone

Its mad how one minute you feel good and the next your back to square one.

I thought i was recovering well lately but in getting more weird pains/discomforts

So the back of my head, neck and top of my spine... If i am sitting on a chair i cant rest back its really uncomfortable and sore and throbbing and then today i tuk a drink and slightly choked, it felt like a lump in my throat so i checked in the mirror and the roof of my mouth has dropped!!! I cant drink without this choking feeling. :/

Does anyone know if this is a side effect of the bacterial meningitis; its really freaking me out.


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Do you mean that your tonsils are swollen which is making it difficult to swallow. however sounds like you need to get checked out at the GP's as sounds quite extreme to be happening now as assume things had improved during hospitalisation and any after effects were apparent at discharge. So what you describe is new problems that have just develop over past few days?



No the roof of my mouth has dropped and is rounded down instead of inwards/upwards


Then I definately suggest you ring your GP surgery ASAP or go to a walk in GP centre if there is one in your area.

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It's so interesting how different our BM symptoms/after effects were/are. After 6 months in the hospital, I was released. Every single day I improved a little...and I do mean A LITTLE. Never felt WORSE and never developed a new after effect. However, after 38 years, I still have daily non-throbbing headaches and still have foot pain. Because of that foot pain from nerve damage, I still can't wear high heels but I found a tolerable flat (and ordered 20+ pairs.)

I notice that quite a few BM survivors on this website get frequent non-throbbing headaches but I've never found anyone with my constant foot pain.


Hi Ignoreit. I have the same foot pain as you. After I left hospital (8 years ago now) I woke up a couple of days later with the most excruciating pain in my foot. I went to the out of hours doctor who prescribed me Tramedol for the pain. I couldn't take any weight on it whatsoever. It did eventually get better but when the Consultant checked me some months later he found I had no reaction in my right foot although I did in my left one. When I am a little tired I tend to limp without realising it. I tend to get used to it.

I hope your headaches do not cause you too much trouble

Best Wishes


Hi clairel,

Interesting about that sudden pain in your foot.

38 yrs ago...when I called for an ambulance, it was because of the excruciating pain in my legs & feet. Meningococcal meningitis with septicemia and DIC was dianosed. While in the hospital, I couldn't tolerate even a sheet touching my legs, so my hospital bed had a "metal cage" from my waist down, to hold my bed covers. For about 3 months, even with the strong painkilling drugs the hospital gave me intravenously , I often SCREAMED out in pain. The nerves in my legs & feet were "on fire!"

After being released from the hospital, I couldn't let anything touch my toes was too painful. Ten yrs later, I could tolerate a flat sandal that didn't touch my toes (what was left of my toes, as they had been debrided in the hospital...both feet and large areas of my legs were coal black and ALWAYS painful...never the least bit numb.)

Every day for the last 38 yrs, the foot pain has lessened...a little each day. I no longer take any painkiller for the pain...but it's there 24/7.

But I think it's important for the new BM survivors on this wonderful website to know that IT DOES GET BETTER! Just takes time.


The roof/palette swelling/dropping eventually subsided and went back up, maybe everythings just so weak :/


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