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VM and fibromyalgia

Good night I wish I could say but seems like after being diagnosed with Vm 10 days ago it's been awful for me to even sleep let alone think. A year ago i was also disgonsed with fibromyalgia and now I have VM. Does anyone out there suffer from both and my worries are will I ever know when I'm actually well from VM since my symptoms of fibro are slightly simalier I mean the whole body pain issue? I will say this VM is the worst pain I've ever had to endure which fibromyalgia I can truck through my day somewhat and function but now I'm at a point where I feel like I'm losing my mind. The pain I can't ignore 😔 Please tell me I will recover and go back to myself and also get back to work? I haven't been at work for weeks now and seems like finances has me more stressed out. Know that doesn't help with VM but seems like it is taking me over. This is all new to me so guess what I'm trying to say is I'm real scared. I Have a beautiful family and 3 girls who depend on me. My youngest being 4 and I feel so helpless when I can't even get up to do mommy things. Lord please help me I pray every night 🙏 

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I am assuming that you have had a lumber puncture to confirm the diagnosis of VM. That is the only investigation that can do that.  VM is not a long term condition, in that, once the virus has left your body/resolved then you do not have VM anymore. The illness usually lasts a week - few weeks depending on how mild or bad it is and whether you are hosptilized and given anti vitals etc. Unlike fibromyalgia which is a long term chronic condition. However, VM for some does have long term after effects e.g  especially headaches. For you I am thinking it also has probably caused a flare up of your fibromyalgia which you already suffer from hence why you have the extreme body pain problem. You say you are 10 days since diagnosis - well that is really early days and The recovery from VM for some can take weeks or months or for a few even longer.  It is not the VM that they still have but the recovery from it that takes time.  VM is not like the flu which usually only affects us for a week to 10 days. VM is more serious than that and recovery takes longer. Unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstanding about VM and many doctors still have the opinion that it is no worse than flu!  

If you are in the uk, I would suggest that you ring the Meningitis helpline - Freephone 0808 80 10 388 as they are a great help, understanding and supportive, can send you relevant info etc. Or take a look at their website MeningitisNow.org where you will find lots of helpful info. 

Best wishes

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Thank you so much I'm in California I've been trying to do a lot of reshurch in hope to understand all this. I did have a lumbar done and it was positive for VM. It's seems like when I'm trying to be positive and start to have my symptoms slowly go away they come back harder the next day. Just wondering if that's part of the healing process. Thank you for replying back😊 This is just all so fresh and can't help but to ask all the questions I can from ones who suffer from it. The doctors treat me like I'm ET which I understand but can't help to be upset how they look at me. Telling me it's ok you will recover fast your pain isn't that severe. Yea ok doc you have no idea. Like I wanna feel like this and be off work not be a mommy right now. Some docs are so inconsiderate. At least mine is and believe me I need all the support I need right now. 


Hi , 10 days is very soon following a serious illness. Stressing about it will definitely make things worse especially the head pain. Rest is best and avoid brain stimulation at the moment such as TV , music, reading, noise and light. I had to completely rest .  Good luck. X


Thank you very much I'm doing my best and will continue to try hard all I want is my strength back. I find myself wanting to do a lot. This illness is so intense I don't wish upon anyone. And I still ask myself why me how could I be the one to get it. Hope your recovered completely. 


Praying for you. It is very hard especially with little ones. I have two boys, 7 and 3.  I pray for strength for you and that you are able to relax some and not stress so much and allow yourself time to heal. Believe me, I know that's easier said than done.


You will feel better eventually - the folks who have already replied to you are correct. VM which I had in 2013 rocked my world and I still have issues to this day, pains, fatigue, but I am much better than I was in the first 3 months following my diagnosis.  I am in Arizona.  You MUST rest when your body tells you to, and it will believe me.  For headaches and pain there are many things that can be prescribed to you and it will be up to you to see what works for you best.  Do not be afraid to go to a different doctor if they keep telling you its just like the flu.  Like the fine folks have stated before everybody's recovery time is different.  The best advice I was told is that you have to treat it like a brain injury.  It must have proper time to heal and this illness can take awhile before you feel better, but you will.  Keep faith in yourself, you will get better.  I also dedicated myself to learn as much as possible about this illness, via online, bugging any doctor or nurse I met that would talk to me, etc...  Take Care - you'll get through this!


Hi, I too have fibromyalgia then viral meningitis in Dec 2015. I also have other medical issues but as it's these 2 you are interested in.....here goes. Yes you will be tired, in pain and feel useless, BUT you must listen to your body and try to get as much rest as possible. With young children it won't be easy, but at this point your going to have to put yourself first for a while. 

Accept any help that is offered and simply don't stress about the small stuff, even opening the blinds was awkward so I simply left them closed. It will take a while but you will start to get better (from VM symptoms) then just having fibromyalgia to deal with will be so much easier.

If you do push yourself, to get back to work, you could find it pushes your recovery back and end up taking longer. Try to pace yourself, sitting and reading with kids instead of getting down to play etc. 

You will find a way through it all.


Thank you so much along VM and the fibromyalgia I feel so helpless 😔 I don't feel myself at all and I know it's part of the healing process being off work for 2 weeks now has me worried if I'll be able to return to my old self. I pray all day and night ask God to help me through this. I know he hears my prayers and is doing his work but can't help but to be scared. I'm on lyrica and Cymbalta to help with my fibro.. I just don't understand how I even got this? I mean I've put way to much thinking on the possibility of how. And know that's not good for me..Thank you for your response it really helps to know I'm not alone 


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