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TB meningitis

Hello, am in a wheelchair for falmost a year after being diagnosed with TB Meningitis and I can stand up straight, but the muscles around my waist are stiff and those of my legs. I have to stand up slowly and shaking as if am going to fall with the aid of Walker and take few steps and get back to where I started. After that I feel severe pains. Is it possible for me to walk again?

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hi i know how u feel when they kicked me out of hospital they told me i would not walk again

My teen boys where great at pushing me in wheel chair lol where they wanted to go ,not me bm took my balance i can't stand up i have tried walking again but its a joke i feel like a toddler But with a great deal of pain along the way i forced my self to use crutches which i do for very short distances i have fell twice breaking 3 ribs each time ouch the best thing i did was get a mobility scooter in fact i got it from a grant from the trust as i still call it the name has changed to m now its a god send i have a mobility car with a can in the back for it it breaks down in to 5 parts which wife had to lift in and out off car but i had a cran put in the back now to put it in and out

i had bm in 2003 left me deaf as well as no balance i thought they were linked but i was told not please if u need to chat to a old guy now 61 was 48 when i had mb give me a shout

thanks but keep going u get to where u want to be i am sure


Hi lula.

I am wondering if you are in the UK and whether you have been referred for physio who would be able to give you a programme of exercises to help you regain some strength and movement? I think it is going to be along and difficult journey to get you back to mobility and how much that will be I really couldn't predict. However, you clearly have a lot of determination to try and achieve some degree of mobility and that will mean that you will persist with the exercises to maximise your chances. Its about building up your confidence as well because of your fear of falling which is no doubt because you have! It may seem like you have not progressed much but you have because you have got yourself standing although with a struggle and lots of pain. The more you keep doing just that hopefully the easier it will get. Your body is stiff and tightened o will take a lot of exercise to try and slowly loosen it up. Perhaps try some exercises while you are lying down as well so that you are not baring the weight of your body. Do you have access to a swimming pool because that can be great to do gentle movement and exercise in.

In hospital I was in a wheelchair but the physio got my mobility going and I was discharged from hospital with a walking frame. Gradually I progress to using two walking sticks and then to one. I still have ongoing balance problems and have big falls 7-9 times a year now which is a big improvement on how much I was falling and bouncing off door frames at first! I was under a balance clinic for a couple of years and had vestibular exercises I had to do several times everyday. I now know that my balance will never be 100% and it does fluctuate into bad patches where I have to do the vestibular exercises to improve it again.

Don't give up on your goal of trying to improve your mobility. It is likely to take a very long time, months and years rather than days and weeks, but hopefully you will get some improvement if you keep trying. If you don't then your mobility will stay the same!

Best wishes

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Thank you very much for your advice and encouraged not to give up, because now am taking one step forward but my left leg is not strong enough to carry my body weight.


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