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can't able to walk and stand up from sitting after 2 months of TB meningitis treatment


My husband diagnosed TBM 2 months ago. Taking 4 TB drugs, DECADRON since 2 mnths. recently stopped PZA, EMB.. SInce 2 weeks he has an issue of blurriness of vision and cant able to walk properly, difficult to stand up from floor when he sits down. Is it due to TBM or something else? His infectious doctor told to do lumbar puncture again, he already had 4 LP's previously in dec 2015. Iam really worried about him. please help me the cause and treatment he needs to follow for recovery. Now his main problem is with walking... your suggestions and experiences are more helpful for us..

Thank you,


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Are you saying that your husband has difficulty getting up FROM SITTING ON THE FLOOR? If so, I can't imagine being able to do that after only 3 months post BM. (I was 33 yrs old) For MONTHS after being released from the hospital, I had to shuffle along like a 95 yr old. (My doctor WISELY told me not to use a walker because I'd come to depend on it.)

I think the recovery just takes TIME...but MUCH more time than recovery from "regular" illnesses. For ex, I distinctly remember that in the hospital...when the physical therapist would tell me to "point your toes" (while I was still in the hospital bed), I'd have to concentrate really hard...really hard... in order to point them.

Time...that's the solution.

Thank you very much for your reply.. He had not walking and standing issues when he was admitted in the hosptl i.e. Dec 5- 25th, 2015.. He was diagnosed as TB meningitis not BM. Since 2 wks he is suffering from walking issues.. His doctor would like to do another lumbar puncture, we are worried about this time again to do that. Is physiotherapy helpful in this case? We are staying in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Can you suggest Is there any specialists treating for TB meningitis nearby?

Thank you..

I just had VM almost 4 years ago and I couldn't seat and lay down for almost one year, when I was doing that all my body started jumping and and shaking, still shaking but less than before, it was because the meningitis affected my nerves, it is going to disappear, it is going to take time, just patience. Be positive, and support your husband, it is the only way he will improve.

I am 4.5 months into my recovery from bacterial meningitis. Along with other lingering effects I also suffered walking and balancing issues for the first two months. I went from wheelchair to walker to cane to nothing in the last 4 months. My balancing issue was due to the extensive hearing loss. I was able to locate an amazing Doctor through the website Please check out their site if your husband is suffering from hearing loss. Physical therapy has helped tremendously. 2 months ago I never thought I would ever be normal again but I am getting more "normal" everyday. If he is experiencing headaches while getting up it could also indicate a small internal leakage at the lumbar puncture site. it happened on my first one but not my second.!! Recovery is a long journey not a sprint. According to my doctor it may take up to 2 years. Best of luck to you .

Hi there just to add reassurance/help

I am still shaky trying to get up or down and at one point couldnt get up if i sat on the floor so in my case thats part of the process.

As they say sometimes you seem to get worse before you get better

Your body has to adjust but you can always rest your minds and double check things with gps 🤗

Just checking in. I realize your situation is fairly new and their are probably many more questions than answers. It's wonderful that your husband has you by his side. Having had meningitis I can say that it's of utmost importance to have someone by your side who truly makes an effort to understand and support you. In my experience their ate many ups and downs. After my husband is just beginning to get it. After meningitis I could hardly walk or balance my self and when we went somewhere I couldn't even step up on a curb without feeling as though I was going to fall but he would just take off ahead of me and forget that i was struggling just to get from the car to the clinic door. He was very concerned about me but had no clue how to help me. So if you ever have any questions on anything please don't hesitate to message me. Im here. It's been 8 years for me and their is much that remains unresolved. You become a whole different person inside. It can be daunting to deal with the personality changes but at the core we still care for our loved ones the same it's just that we may approach some things differently. For instance before I would never be rude or irate over something so trivial as a order that was mixed up in a restaurant. I've embarssed my husband becoming so harsh at times. And those things continue to happen but I've begun to notice when I'm acting out that way and realize the inappropriateness of it. So making yourself aware of it and trying to compensate is difficult but it helps. And on that note I will stop my rhetoric and just let you know that someone cares and is available if you're should ever need to talk or have any questions. Be blessed.

Same problem with my mom plz help me she is also t b pateint she cant walk or stand up

Its also mh prbl

Hey Sandhya, how is your husband now? How did his recovery go after 2 months of Tb meds and how long did he take the tb meds.

My dad has completed 2 months of Tb treatment. He seems fine but I am wondering if things change when steroids would stop.

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