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Disability after tb meningitis

I had been diagnosed for tb meningitis and been treated by placing vp shunt even after finishing the tb medication i can't walk back again and it's now 2 years am i going to be paraplegic for life or will it heal with time

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I had Meningococcal with Septicemia & DIC when I was 33. I also couldn't walk. When I was released from the hospital after 6 months, my doctor warned me NOT to use a walker because he said I would rely on it and NEVER walk alone again. So I didn't use one...didn't even have one. So I moved by holding on to furniture. I had extreme foot pain and erratic shooting pains up my legs. It was winter and the only foot covering I could tolerate were large men's socks. (I'm female.) I wore those men's socks for about 4 years. Then I found a men's very wide sandal I could tolerate. After about 5 more years, I found a FEMALE (yay!) sandal I could tolerate. Now it had been 10 years since I was admitted to the hospital. During those 10 years, I ALWAYS wore long slacks and frequently no one noticed my horrible feet or "shoes."

Slowly, for exercise, I started dance lessons. Just line dancing at first. (Yes, my feet hurt but the necessary concentration reduced the pain. After 30 years from the day that I was hospitalized, I was performing in an award winning competition jazz dance group. (We even moved to the second level on 'America's Got Talent.')

The point is that the pain decreased a little each year. It never INcreased. It's now been 40 years. Yes, I still have pain 24/7...but that's ok. As long as I don't dance over 3 hours straight, I can tolerate the pain.

If you met me now, you'd never know that I once had our horrible disease. Yes, it all definitely gets better!


Thanks madam


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