Bacterial meningitis journey to/from hell

Where do I start .. I am 55 male fairly fit and the last week of March got home with headache and light fever. After a night of sweat my wife called the emergency Dr who sent me straight to IMU with suspected meningitis - well it was bacterial meningitis ... The worst kind. Spent 5 days in IMU, had all sorts of tests, on IV etc then spent the next 6 weeks in hospital. My PCR ( blood poisoning level ) was 396% ! Basically I should have been dead. Well, after 4 weeks this got down to 24%, no damage to my brain, eyesight, hearing or limbs except a wash out op on my left ankle which got infected. No Pneumococcol DNA anywhere and my heart and lungs were all clear. You can call it a miracle .. I do. I am back playing with my band, working and have been given the all clear that no side effects are present. These signs would by now be visible but none are present. My body reacted to the IV in a incredible way that no Dr could explain except that at 55 with BM I should not be here writing this. I ask any one effected by this nasty infection, to keep the faith and give it time. It will get better. I do not use crutches nor have headaches or blurred vision. I was lucky. I wish the same luck to anyone out there with BM or VM.

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  • Hi. I am so pleased that you are able to tell us such a positive outcome to your BM. It is helpful to have someone able to say 'I beat it' and did so at an age that amazed everyone.

    Sadly for me the outcome of BM & S has been somewhat different. Yes I did survive it against the odds at a similar age to you but I went to the brink of life and for me it has resulted in a frontal brain injury that continues to significantly affect my every day life.

    Thank you for your best wishes to us all.

  • Let me say that I take antibiotics every day and it is a slow recovery process. My brain and body went through a hell of infection so it will take 5/6 months to get back into fitness. I do get slightly tired but nothing serious - I am back playing with my band and do all the things I did before...without stress and not over doing them. I reckon that by January I should get back to 90% so everyone note that it's a long healing process.

  • Hey how are you these days? Any positive changes ?

  • Well done you. Many are not so lucky. I got off pretty lightly too. Had it at 39 and even after 13 years every day brings challenges and life has utterly changed but I am still very much here. Good luck to you and yes, best wishes to anyone who has been given this diagnosis.

  • I am god you decided to write this. I too suffered a case of bm and lived to tell the tale. It is a miracle to survive. I often wonder why there are so few bm posts on this forum. It is because so few survive. Thrilled that you are doing so well.

  • Can I just add that I take penicillin every day, I walk everywhere, have become more patient and I look after my body more than ever. I do get tired more often but

    Nothing embarrassing like falling asleep on the bus ! I mean when I am at home ..

  • Good to know that you made a fantastic recovery, I too was not too badly affected by the disease and am thankful I'm still alive! Sorba

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